Bargain Bin: Stronghold 3

Quick heads up for you hardcore PC game fans that Get Games ( has just posted up Stronghold 3 at a solid 20% off discount:

video game stronghold-3A true return to form for Firefly Studios, this ditty is fast paced real-time gameplay coupled with precision building of villages, towns and castles. Stronghold 3 retains the attention to detail alongside fast paced real-time strategy all souped-up with a brand new engine, physics and beer brewing techniques.

Let me say that again: BEER BREWING TECHNIQUES.

Finlay McTavish, boss of Get Games, was just overheard saying, “I am going to enjoy trying to build a castle as splendid as the one I actually live in then I can lord it up in the virtual world just as much as I do in the real one.”  And there it is.

GETGAMES – That badass indie shop mom always warned you about.

Author: Editor