Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008

Still gaming’s biggest event, E3 takes hold of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony as they try and tell the world that their console is the one to get. But of course, in order to buy a console, the games have to be good, and by god, these games are good. We’ve compiled a list of games that we are most anticipating seeing and playing at this year’s E3.

  • Fallout 3

    Bethesda Softworks has been quiet on the Fallout 3 front. A couple of screenshots here and there have surfaced lately, and only a select few people have seen this game in action, TGR included. But all that is about to change, as Bethesda has promised a massive blowout at this year’s E3. A new gameplay trailer and the promise of hands-on demos for the media means Fallout 3 will at last be getting the exposure everyone wants. From the developers of the amazing Oblivion, Fallout 3 promises to be a premier RPG and a candidate for game of the year.

  • Resident Evil 5

    The Resident Evil series is one the most loved out there. Capcom’s survival horror games have sold millions across multiple consoles and has created many stand-out moments across the whole franchise and quite possibly, with Resident Evil 4, one of the best games in the last ten years. So it’s no surprise that Resident Evil 5 is one of the most anticipated games out there at the moment; the game is set hot and humid country of Africa and looks beautiful. With fan favorite Chris Redfield back as the lead character, many people, including us, are waiting anxiously to see the next chapter in this legendary saga. With the release of the latest trailer only adding more fuel to our desire, Capcom promises a big Resident Evil 5 announcement and more gameplay footage. We can’t wait. 

  • Gears of War 2

    We all knew it was coming. It was inevitable that Gears of War, one of the best selling games on the Xbox 360 and most played on Xbox Live, would be getting a sequel, and at this year’s GDC, Cliff Blezsinski chainsawed his way into Microsoft’s press conference and announced that Gears of War 2 would be shipping this November. Since then, the internet has been alight with Gears joy. "Bigger, Better and More Badass" is the saying, and from the videos we’ve seen, the phrase holds its own. With a longer storyline, updated graphics, bigger multiplayer, and lots more of those awesome executions, Gears 2 might once again set the bar higher for every game out there and that’s why we can’t wait to see more of this beast at this year’s E3.

What games are you looking forward to? We want to know what you want to hear about. Leave a comment!

  • Fable 2

    Fable promised so much and was hyped by game development guru and Fable creator Peter Molyneux, but when it was released, it failed to deliver on some of the promises Mr. Molyneux spoke off. Fable 2 is just around the corner and again promising to be bigger and better, and is near the top of everyone’s list. Developed at Lionhead Studios in the UK, Fable 2 is one of Microsoft’s heavy hitters come this holiday and with so much potential, eager gamers are dying to get there hands on it. This could be one of the best games of the show at E3, and you can bet your last dollar that TGR will be right at the front of the queue to play this game.

  • Killzone 2

    Anyone remember that infamous E3 2005 trailer of Killzone 2 that Sony said was in-game but turned out to be pre-rendered? From the latest videos doing the rounds on the Web, it’s not looking too far off from that infamous trailer, not to far at all. Killzone 2 is still being hyped by the Sony crowd as their "Halo Killer," but it’s shown itself as a largely new experience for shooter fans. Early signs show this may yet be the great shooter everyone’s hoping it will be, and with it playable at this E3, we will finally know if the hype is justified.

  • LittleBigPlanet

    If you are looking for the most original, most creative, and most ridiculously cute upcoming game, then look no further than this peach of a title. LittleBigPlanet is all about the user: create your own levels, and play and share them with the world with the only limitations being that of your imagination (and the contents of your hard drive). With so much creative freedom, it’s no wonder many PS3 owners are looking forward to this game. The game oozes originality, which is something that is lacking in some games you see today. LittleBigPlanet is one of Sony’s main games coming this fall, and we’re sure that this game will be one E3’s highlight games.

What games are you looking forward to? We want to know what you want to hear about. Leave a comment!

Author: TGRStaff

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