FIFA 09-Advanced Skill Moves

Advanced Skill Moves


Certain skill moves in Fifa 09 require players with a higher level of skill. It is a good idea to take players from your favourite team into Arena mode and put them through their paces. This way you will know which moves your players can perform. It’s not a good idea to get into the midst of a competitive game and have a trick fail because you used the wrong player.


Players like Ronaldinho and Franck Ribery can perform all of the tricks and skills in this section of the guide. Less Skilled players will perform simpler variations of some of the skills.


In order to best explain how the moves work, we use a numbering system corresponding with the directions on the Right Thumbstick.


These instructions assume that you are facing forward (like in the Arena) and that you have held down the Skill modifier button (L2 on PS3 or LT on Xbox 360).



How to Execute


How to Execute

Flip Flap/Elastico

Right to Back to Left (3,4,5,6,7)

Feint Right & Exit Left

Right to Back to Left (3,4,5,6,7) – Sprinting

Fake Right and Go Left

Right to Back to Left (3,4,5,6,7) – Less Skilled Players

Stanley Matthews Feint

Left to Back to Right (7,6,5,4,3)

Feint Left & Exit Right

Left to Back to Right (7,6,5,4,3) – Sprinting

Fake Left and Go Right

Left to Back to Right (7,6,5,4,3) – Less Skilled Players

Blanco Hop

Tap R3 – Standing Only

Flick Ball Over Slide Tackle

Tap R3 – Less Skilled Players

Ronaldo Chop Left

Flick Diagonal Back/Left 2x (6,0,6,0) – Jogging Only

Fake Kick Chop Right

Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0) – Less Skilled Players

Ronaldo Chop right

Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0) – Jogging Only

Fake Kick Chop Left

Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0) – Less Skilled Players

Scoop Turn Left

Flick Diagonal Back/Left 2x (6,0,6,0) – Standing Only

Fake Kick Chop Left

Flick Diagonal Back/Left 2x (6,0,6,0) – Less Skilled Players

Scoop Turn Right

Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0) – Standing Only

Fake Kick Chop Right

Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0) – Less Skilled Players

Rainbow Flick

Flick Back, Forward – Then Forward again with timing (5,1,0) – (0,1)

Rainbow Flick v. 2

Flick Back, Hold Forward – Then Forward again with timing (5,1) – (0,1)

Heel to Heel Flick

Flick Forward, Back (1,5)

Heel Flick

Flick Forward, Back (1,5) – Less Skilled Players

Hocus Pocus

Back to Left to Back to Right (5,6,7,6,5,4,3)

Triple Flip Flap

Back to Right to Back to Left (5,4,3,4,5,6,7)

Ball Roll Flick Left

Hold Right, Flick Diagonal Forward/Left (3,8) – Jogging Only

Ball Roll Flick Right

Hold Left, Flick Diagonal Forward/Right (7,2) – Jogging Only

Ronaldinho Sombrero Flick

Flick Forward, Forward, Back (1,0,1,5) – Standing Only

McGeady Spin Left

Flick Forward, Flick Left (1,0,7)

McGeady Spin Right

Flick Forward, Flick Right (1,0,3)

Rabona Fake

Press Pass button while Shot/Lob power bar is ramping up + hold back on Left Thumbstick – Sprinting Only

Scoop Pass

Tap Lob Pass Button – Standing Only


Flip Flap/Elastico


Ronaldinho has popularized this move, although he was not the inventor. The move begins with the player pushing the ball to the outside with the outside of his foot. He then snaps the ball back across his body with the inside of the same foot. The movement is quick and fluid with the ball moving like it is on a string or rubber band, hence the name Elastico.



Fake Right & Go Left/Fake Right & Go Left (Less Skilled Players)


When Less Skilled players attempt to use the Flip Flap move, they get a different variation. They perform a body fake to the right and then take the ball with an explosive step to the left using the outside of their left foot. Not as flashy as the Elastico, but still effective. If you attempt the Stanley Matthews Feint as a Less Skilled player, you will get the Fake Right & Go Left move.


Stanley Matthews Feint


Known as one of the greatest dribblers ever, Sir Stanley Matthews developed this change of pace move to punish defenders who committed too quickly to tackles. The player begins by leaning to the left as if he is going to go in that direction as he touches it slightly with the inside of his right foot. He then quickly takes the ball with the outside of the same foot and explodes to his right.



Feint Left & Exit Right/Feint Right & Exit Left


If you attempt to perform the Stanley Matthews Feint while Sprinting, you will get this move instead. The player makes a hard step to the left and then quickly explodes to the right with the outside of the right foot. If you attempt a Flip Flap while Sprinting, you’ll get the opposite effect…a hard fake to the right and an explosive exit to the left.


Blanco Hop


Mexican player Cuauhtémoc Blanco is given credit for being the first player to use the move. It must be performed from a standing position, and is best used when a defender is rushing in to slide tackle. The player will grab the ball between his two feet and quickly lift it up and over the would-be tackler. You will most likely stumble a bit as the tackle comes through, but you’ll have time to accelerate away while the defender lies on his back and wonders what happened.



Flick Ball Over Slide Tackle (Less Skilled Players)


Less Skilled players will execute this move instead of the Blanco Hop. This move is very effective if you anticipate the slide tackle well. It is especially useful if you are playing a human opponent who has a tendency to slide a great deal.



Ronaldo Chop Left/Right


Patented by Cristiano Ronaldo, the Ronaldo chop is a quick 90 degree change of direction move. While jogging, our player will quickly throw one leg forward and chop the ball behind that leg with the inside of his other foot. This move is most effective when you have a defender running next to you down the sideline. It works best if he is slightly ahead of you.



Fake Kick Chop Right/Left (Less Skilled Players)


This move is performed as an alternative to the Ronaldo Chop and/or Scoop Turn. The player will fake a shot with one foot and then chop the ball to the opposite direction. This move can be effective in front of the goal to create space for a shot.



Scoop Turn Left/Right


This skill move is more of a flair move and has less in game application. The player turns his body in one direction and then uses the inside of his foot to scoop the ball around 180 degrees to the other side of his body. It can be effective if a defender is coming straight at you as long as he isn’t flying into the tackle.



Rainbow Flick


There are two versions of the Rainbow flick in the game, but the principle is basically the same. The player will flick the ball up over his head while either standing or on the run. This is definitely a flair move, but it can be used in open field, or even to beat the keeper. It doesn’t get much prettier than finishing a Rainbow flick off with a scorching volley.


Version 1


Version 2



Heel to Heel Flick

One of our favourites, the Heel to Heel Flick is a stop-n-go skill move that is most effective when used along the sidelines. It is best used when a defender is approaching you from straight on. Your player will step forward and back heel the ball to himself. He then will use the heel of his rear foot to flick the ball forward at a slight angle to go around his opponent.



Heel Flick (Less Skilled Players)


With a Less Skilled player, you will get a Heel Flick. The usage and results are similar to the Heel to Heel Flick, but the move is a bit simpler.



Hocus Pocus


This move has a great deal of flair to it, but it can be effective when combined with other moves like the Stepover. The player takes his right foot and pulls the ball around his standing leg and off to the front at a 45 degree angle. This is a very cool move, but not one that will beat a defender all by itself.



Triple Flip Flap


A derivative of the Elastico, the Triple Flip Flap fakes a move to the outside before cutting the ball back across from right to left. The ball pops further ahead than the standard Flip Flap, so if you do beat your man you’ll have a good head of steam coming out of the move.


Ball Roll Flick Left/Right


This particular move can only be performed while jogging. The nice feature about this skill move is the double change of direction. Your player begins by rolling the ball to one side and then quickly switching legs to flick the ball at a 45 degree angle in the opposite direction. You’ll need plenty of space between your player and the defender to beat him, but this flashy move can be rewarding to pull off in game.



Ronaldinho Sombrero Flick

This move has to be executed from a standing position. Your player will flick the ball up and then back over his head. It can be used to beat a defender that is approaching from your back; however, it is often a better strategy to just lay the ball off and pass it back after the player makes a run.



McGeady Spin Left/Right


This move is one of the more effective ones in Fifa 09 when it comes to getting space for your player. It also can be used in combination with several other Skill Moves. In the McGeady spin, the player reaches forward and pulls the ball back. He then twists and hits the ball with the outside of his opposite foot to take off in a 90 degree angle. You can use this move with a defender on your back, or even while facing a defender.



Rabona Fake


When just a simple 180 turn or Cruyff just won’t suffice, you can pull out the Rabona Fake. This move is difficult to pull off and will test your stick skills. At the same time, it looks really cool and can be used to slam on the brakes so you can get your cross in. Your player sprints and fakes a Rabona pass. Instead, he stops the ball and exits the opposite direction. If you are really fast, you can pull off a Rabona Fake to Rabona chip combination.



Scoop Pass


This move can only be used from a standing position. It is definitely a flair move, as you won’t have many opportunities to pull it off in game. Your player will put his foot under the ball and flick it up in the air over a defender. If you can get enough time to come to a stop in the penalty box, it is money against a charging Keeper.



Final Thoughts


If you like to play with lots of flair and attitude in your game, then you’ll want to work hard for these moves to become second nature to you. Some of the moves are purely for show, but others (like the McGeady Spin) can create dangerous space for your attackers to get scoring chances.

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