Resident Evil The Umbrella ChroniclesWalkthrough

Warning: this guide contains spoilers to all parts of Resident Evil Umbrella
Chronicles. Do not read on if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

Made by: Capcom

Walkthrough last updated: 12/18/07


1.) Introduction
2.) Prologue
3.) Controls
4.) Saving
5.) Before Getting Started/Tips
6.) Weapons & Customizing
7.) Enemies
8.) Characters
9.) Chapters
10.) Unlockables
11.) Plot Summary
12.) Files


This guide/FAQ will hopefully answer any questions you may have about this
particular game (or at least most of them!), and help you with any problems
you may be experiencing while playing it. A summary of the game can be found
in the Q & A section.

This game is meant to be the be-all, end-all telling of the fall of Umbrella,
while also filling some plotholes the previous games presented. It involves
Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Richard Aiken, Billy Coen,
Carlos Oliveira, Ada Wong, Hunk, and Albert Wesker, all as playable

It was released on the Nintendo Wii on November 14th, 2007 [North America].


[All text taken from the official Umbrella Chronicles instruction booklet]

July 1998, Raccoon City–Resident Evil Zero


An American Midwestern town held tightly within the grip of the international
pharmaceutical giant, Umbrella Corporation. In the forest outside town,
reports of bizarre murders begin to surface. Rebecca, the newest member of
Bravo Team, goes off on her own and discovers the derelict rain, the Ecliptic

July 1998, Raccoon City–Resident Evil


The S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is sent in to search for Bravo Team, with whom all
contact is lost. They discover Bravo Team’s downed helicopter in the forest,
but except for the body of the pilot, there is no trace of the missing team
members. After starting their investigation, they are attacked by a pack of
vicious dog-like creatures. While fleeing from this threat, they take shelter
inside an ominous mansion. They soon discover that his massive structure hides
deadly secrets. Something wicked is stirring in this house of terror.

September 1998, Raccoon City–Resident Evil 3


A large-scale outbreak of an unknown “cannibal” disease ravages Raccoon City.
Attempts to contain its spread fail, and the resulting chaos collapses the
city’s infrastructure. The streets become overrun with zombies and littered
with the bodies of the dead. After surviving the Arklay Mansion incident, Jill
began an independent investigation into Umbrella’s research lab. She saw Chris
off, who was traveling to Europe to investigate Umbrella’s headquarters. Jill
remained behind and began her investigation into a vital facility located in
Raccoon City. Umbrella sends in its special unit, U.B.C.S., while the U.S.
Government orders a complete quarantine of the city and oversees the handling
of this delicate situation. Meanwhile, Jill, who seeks to expose Umbrella, is
still in the city. Destruction draws nearer with each passing second as the
shadow of death slowly converges on Jill.


I don’t have the Wii Zapper, so I can’t comment on that. With the Wiimote,
however, it’s pretty basic.

Move the controller around to aim, press B to shoot, A to pick up and confirm
things. When there’s white in the reticle, it means that the object or enemy
can be shot. When there’s a small red circle within it, that’s the enemy’s
weakpoint, and will be killed in one shot. With zombies, it’s pretty much
between the eyes.

To throw a grenade, press and hold Z on the nunchuk and press B. You can also
use the nunchuk’s joystick to look around slightly, like in RE4 with the C-

Hold A and shake the Wiimote around to use the knife, which is most effective
against leaches, crows, bugs, and bats.

To reload, either shake the Wiimote, or try to shoot while you’re out of ammo.

Press down on the d-pad to switch weapons.

There will also be many times throughout the game in which you have to either
shake the Wiimote or press A, B, or A & B to dodge something. You will also
have to shake the Wiimote to do a counterattack if a zombie is able to latch
on to you.


There are no typewriters or ink ribbons in this game–well, except a few of
the former that you can destroy. During a chapter or sub-chapter, you will
reach checkpoints, in which the game will save your progress as of then. It
will also save after you get done customizing weapons or reading files and you
go back to a previous menu.


Since this is an on-rails shooter, there’s not much I can tell you about which
ways to go–the game does that for you. What I can do is give you some tips
that will hopefully help you along the way.

Most lights, chairs, pictures, etc. can be destroyed, so destroy them! They
often hide files and weapons. Not only does breaking them help you find other
things, but it also helps with the final ranking of that section of the
chapter. So, I’m going to leave finding files up to you. Allow me to say, once
again, to break everything you can.

Always use the knife for the bugs, bats, leeches, baby spiders, bees, and

First aid sprays will stay with you until you die–and then they will
automatically bring you back to life with full health, so they’re good to have
for boss fights. Green herbs will be used as soon as they’re picked up, even
if you have hardly any health missing.

There are five different credentials for ranking: clear time, enemy hits,
critical hits, objects destroyed, and files obtained.

At the top of the main screen (where you pick the chapter you want to play),
there are four tabs. The Results tab takes you to a page that shows you your
results of all the chapters you’ve played. Customize takes you to where you
can upgrade your weapons. Archives is where all the of files you’ve collected
are stored. Options…well, that’s the page to switch game options, like

There are three difficulty levels, and you start out with the choice of any of
them: Easy, Normal, and Hard. I hope that’s self-explanatory.


The better the rank you get at the end of a chapter, the more stage points you
receive, which is what you need to customize weapons. You can upgrade each of
them to level 4.

These are the weapons found within the game:

Assault Shotgun
Shotgun SA
Submachine Gun
Automatic Pistol
Submachine Gun HP
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher AT
Grenade Launcher HP
Magnum Revolver
Magnum AT
Magnum HP
Rocket Launcher
Anti-tank Gun


Most of the enemies in this game are ones we’ve seen before, and there are an
abundance of them. Zombies, of course, have the lead role in that department,
including Crimson Heads in the Mansion Incident chapter and in the Umbrella’s
End chapter. Regular zombies really aren’t much to worry about unless they get
too close, though Crimsons can be a pain if you’re trying to just use the
handgun. Chances are you have enough ammo to use either a submachine gun or a
shotgun, so use it unless you’re not concerned with taking damage.

Leech zombies can also mostly be disposed of with just a handgun, though
sometimes it’s better to use a submachine gun or shotgun.

Lickers can attack from both far away and close up. For when they’re far away,
feel free to use the handgun. If there are more than one and they’re close,
the shotgun or submachine gun are safe bets.

Hunters are very agile, as always. There won’t be many instances in which you
can be safe using your handgun, especially since they tend to travel in packs.
The shotgun works quite well to keep them at bay, but if you don’t have that,
go with the submachine guns.

Eliminators (the infected monkeys from Zero) are very prevalent in that
particular chapter. For the most part, they’re not too difficult to dispatch,
but they can become somewhat of a worry when there is a group of them. Since
they can jump, they can catch you off guard and slash you before you have time
to react to it, so just try not to let them get too close.

Spiders are pretty easy to take care of even with just the handgun. But if
there’s more than one, it’s better to use something more powerful. They can
spit acid at you or attack you from close range.

Like I said in the tips section, with the small creatures, simply use the
knife. They might get a few licks in every now and then, but for the most
part, it’s perfectly safe and is just the easiest way to go.

For bosses, be sure to use your most powerful weapons. Or the submachine guns,
since while they’re not as powerful as the others, they work very well due to
the speed at which they fire.

Try to get critical hits if you can, because that takes out enemies in one
hit. However, if the enemy is really close, just focus on making sure they
don’t get to you. With zombies, you can sometimes tell whether or not they’re
going to slash you or grab you–when it’s the former, shoot the hell out of
them, and when it’s the latter, it can actually be better to let them grab
you. That way, you can counterattack, and that always takes them out right

For more advice about enemies, check out that section, and for boss fights,
see the actual guide.


[All text taken from the official Umbrella Chronicles instruction booklet]

Rebecca Chambers
Member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. Rebecca excels in the manufacture and
preparation of pharmaceuticals, and is in charge of the team’s overall health.
She was handpicked for the S.T.A.R.S. elite team because of her advanced
knowledge of chemistry.

Billy Coen
A former 2nd Lieutenant in th U.S. Marine Corps, Billy was sentenced to death
by a military tribunal for “the slaughter of 23 people.” While he was being
transferred to the base where the execution was to be carried out, the van
Billy was in was attacked, and he escaped.

Chris Redfield
Member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Chris’s marksmanship is #1 on the team, and
hes an ace at observation and insight. Besides having plenty of battle
experience with everything from handguns to flamethrowers, he can easily
engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Jill Valentine
Member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Jill has skillful fingers for lock-picking
and bomb disposal, as well as excellent situational analysis skills. With her
Delta Force raining, she can go toe-to-toe with even the best marksman.

Carlos Oliveira
Member of the U.B.C.S. Delta A mercenary unit, Carlos is a kind-hearted soul
with a penchant for humor, even in serious situations. Perhaps due to being
raised amid violence, he never shirks from danger.


There are four major chapters in the game:

Train Derailment [Rebecca & Billy]
Mansion Incident [Chris & Jill]
Raccoon’s Destruction [Jill & Carlos]
Umbrella’s End [Chris & Jill]

Each chapter has three sections, all continuing off of each other. The names
are pretty self-explanatory: the first follows the events of Zero, the second,
the events of REmake, the third, the events of RE3…and the last? Well,
that’s an all new chapter, taking place after all of the previous games, and
before RE4.

In addition to those, tere are ten sub-chapters in the game:

Beginnings 1 & 2 [Wesker]
Nightmare 1 & 2 [Rebecca & Richard]
Rebirth 1 & 2 [Wesker]
Death’s Door [Ada]
Fourth Survivor [Hunk]
Dark Legacy 1 & 2 [Wesker]

Lot of Wesker, right? Well yeah!

For every main chapter, you can choose between those two characters at the
start of each section. There isn’t any difference between the story or
gameplay aside from counterattacks, since each character has a different one.

After picking your character, you then choose your second weapon of choice.
You’ll always start out with a handgun, but you also get to pick another one
that you want to start the chapter/section with. You can choose any of the
ones that you’ve found.


Wesker: “It was a stormy night when the leeches overwhelmed the Ecliptic
Express. The special forces unit sent to investigate the area reported an
emergency, but the announcement was suddenly cut off. Enter the S.T.A.R.S.
unit member, Rebecca Chambers. Umbrella has been at the center of my plans for
a long time, but the train incident would prove to be the beginning of the

There is then a cutscene involving Rebecca and Billy, who join up right away.
The first room has six zombies in it that you have to kill before the game
moves you to the next room. This room contains a green herb and several more
zombies before you head upstairs, where you will encounter leeches and the
first leech zombie of the chapter. It also has a submachine gun, as well as a
grenade, both sitting on separate tables as soon as you’re upstairs. Press A
and shake the Wiimote to knife at the leeches as they jump at you. As soon as
the leech zombie begins to form, shoot at it until it falls and dies.

On the roof to your immediate right is a first aid spray, and farther along is
a shotgun. Take out the leeches and look down into the hole that you pass if
you need any health, because there’s a green herb there. Once you jump down
and get to the zombies, kill them and grab the grenade behind one of them.
Then Billy and Rebecca will come across more leeches. After taking out some of
them, they will head back down into the train. This triggers a checkpoint.

After the game has saved your progress, you’ll go into the hall. Grab the
shotgun at the end of the hall to the left, and then you’ll have to press A to
move. After turning both of the corners, there will be a green herb. Then will
come four subsequent dog attacks. After turning around, there will be a lone
zombie to take out before heading downstairs. There will be a total of
fourteen zombies to kill in this room, and there is also a green herb in the
area with no seats. There will be a shotgun to the right to pick up after
going through the two doors, and in the next hall is more leeches. Swing the
knife until you’re through them. Then pick up the green herb if need be that
you come across right after.

There are three zombies outside, and then you will have your first dodge to
perform. If you get it, you’re able to escape from taking some damage. If
you’re not able to dodge correctly, you obviously get it. Either way, after
that sequence, you’ll head back inside. There will be three more zombies, and
then a leech zombie–but the latter you don’t have to worry about because
Billy and Rebecca will head into the nearest room, which has a green herb and
a ladder that they will climb. Pick up the submachine gun and shotgun in here
(you’ll have to break a lamp for the latter) and anything else you see. Time
for the first boss fight.

Go ahead and use your grenades right away just to get some of its health taken
off quickly. The attacks it uses involves its stinger and its pincers. For the
pincers, you’ll get the opportunity to dodge. For the stinger, you’ll have to
just block that by shooting at it (the stinger). That attack usually comes if
he’s backed up a little. Other than that, just focus on shooting the hell out
of its head. Keep doing that and dodging as best you can, and you should be
okay, especially if you still have the first aid spray to back you up in case
you die. It took me a few tries my first time through to take it out, but it’s
pretty formulaic as long as you know what to do.

Beating the scorpion triggers the end section one of this chapter.

After they destroyed the Sanri biological weapon, Rebecca and Billy
successfully engaged the brake and halted the runaway train. But the massive
force created ended up derailing it. The pair barely managed to escape with
their lives. Lying in front of them was the demolished Umbrella facility.

Nothing to grab in this room, and the only zombies you actually have to kill
in order to continue on are the two by the door. There will be a submachine
gun by the ladder, and then three zombies will appear out of the sewer water.
Take them out and then you’ll climb up into the training facility. There’s
another submachine gun upstairs to the right, and a green herb up there to the
left. On the second floor, more leeches will appear, and along with those, a
leech zombie. There will also be a grenade with the statue, so be sure to pick
that up when you get close to it. As soon as you get by the double doors, a
leech zombie will pop out, and then two more will follow. Use a submachine gun
or shotgun for them to keep from getting hurt.

When you head to the right in the next room, get the green herb and shoot the
objects, because you’ll be able to find a shotgun there as well. Zombies will
then come out of the woodwork, but you only have to take out two once you’re
over on the other side of the big area. After that, you’ll just jump over the
rail and head outside. At the end of the balcony there is a green herb and a
submachine gun. When they head back, there’s a cutscene. Time for the
eliminators…annoying bastards. You’ll have to take out five total before a
couple of bats attack, and then you’ll be heading inside again. Checkpoint.

You’ll have to take out two leech zombies in the hall and then just some stray
leeches. In the room, grab the green herb if you need to, as well as the
grenades. Four eliminators will show up. Shoot them and also shoot down below
the computer monitor to get another submachine gun. Now Billy and Rebecca head
up. There’s a leech zombie immediately at the top, and you can shoot the
picture-esque object on the wall to the right to find a first aid spray. Next
to the wooden cabinet (to the left) is another thing you can shoot to find yet
another hidden submachine gun. After taking out a few leeches you will head
outside, where there is…surprise, another submachine gun. Plus a green herb,
and three eliminators. A couple more bats will show up, along with one more

Inside is a shotgun to the side and a green herb farther in. Cutscene, which
contains a dodge sequence. Here’s a nice little fight with eight eliminators.
The next room has some grenades, and farther in, of course, some more enemies.
After knifing a bunch of leeches, those type of zombies with begin to form.
Altogether you’ll have to take out four before having to kill some more
leeches…and then you’ll be heading outside. There will be a short cutscene
that introduces a new boss–the giant bat. Mostly just use the submachine gun
on this boss, while always trying to aim for its head, especially when it gets
close to you. There’s also a green herb by the church to pick up if need be.
Billy and Rebecca will just keep moving around for you, so simply continue
shooting the bat and knifing the smaller ones when they appear. This will
eventually take you up onto the roof, which has a shotgun and green herb on it.

Beating the bat is the end section two of this chapter.

Billy and Rebecca discovered a ropeway under the church, a huge bat
habitat, and rode it down to a factory. It was deep within that the two found
true source of the monsters.

Shoot the cones to find hidden grenades, and also pick up the first aid spray.
There will be a zombie on the ground and then you’ll go up some stairs, and
through a door. In this area is a shotgun, as well as two zombies and two
eliminators. Crossing the threshold into the next area will leave you facing
off against a total of four zombies and seven monkeys. There is also a green
herb and a shotgun here. Now come seven more zombies, and three leech zombies.
After the track stops, there is a green herb by the group of zombies, and a
shotgun the opposite way.

Welcome, the Failure Tyrant. This can hardly be classified as a boss fight,
since it’s over quickly and it’s very possible to not get hit, even if it’s
your first time through the game. Plus, there’s no health bar. So he’s really
just a slightly bigger than usual obstacle. Basically, just unload all the
ammo on it as needed, and Billy/Rebecca will move accordingly. There’s a green
herb in here as well if you need to use it. There will be four zombies right
when the elevator opens up after you’ve defeated the Failure Tyrant. Take them
out, and you’ll reach the checkpoint.

A bunch of leeches will drop into the elevator, so just take them out as
needed. Outside is a grenade to the right that can be hard to pick up. There
are more leeches here, which can and will form two leech zombies. After those
will be two monkeys, and by the door is going to be a green herb. Take out
another leech zombie and you’ll head through the door, where there will be
another dodge moment. With this one, instead of just losing some health, if
you don’t dodge, you die. So make sure to dodge correctly! Time for part one
of the final boss fight.

Aim for the head…thing, and just do as much damage to it as possible,
grabbing any items you see while you’re being moved around the area, and
taking out the leeches as they jump on you. After it falls down, the next area
contains a green herb and four zombies, but the only ones you have to kill are
the ones right in front of you. You’ll head onto a lift, and in this sequence,
just keep shooting at the “mouth” to get it from getting too close and doing
damage to you. After that’s over, you have the real final boss fight.

Keep in mind, this is not hard. It’s pretty easy, but it can get a little
annoying if you end up having only the handgun to use just because it’ll take
a lot longer. Other than that, use all the more powerful weapons you have,
along with the grenades, and be sure to dodge when possible. Again, aim for
the mouth as much as you can, but don’t worry too much about getting exact
hits–just unload everything on it, since you’re not going to have to fight
anything else. There are also two green herbs and two shotguns in the area.

So, there ya go. You’ve completed the first chapter of Umbrella Chronicles.

Wesker: “The pair overcame impossible odds and made it out alive. Lucky I
suppose. Since the incident, Billy Coen has gone missing, while Rebecca is
about to enter a new nightmare as she heads for the mansion.”


Wesker: “The mansion incident. That was the night I led the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha
Team into the Arklay Mountains and we touched down in the surrounding woods.
We were to look into the disappearance of the Bravo Team. At least, that was
the bait. The reality was quite a different story for the unsuspecting members
of the Alpha Team. After being attacked by a pack of monsters, only Chris and
a few others including myself made it to the mansion. Everything was going
according to plan. Soon I would have the research data that I needed.”

After killing the first zombie, you’ll head back into the dining room, where
you will have to take out another group of zombies throughout it. There will
also be a green herb and a grenade to pick up towards the double doors. Five
more zombies await in the foyer. The next room contains another zombie, a
breakable statue that will reveal a shotgun, and a painting on the left wall
that will also give you a shotgun. Heading into the room will cause you to
face another group of zombies. In the following hall, there is a green herb
for you to grab if you break the cabinet. There will also be a dodge scene
involving the first dog. After that, you’ll be having to kill one more dog
before going into the next room. Here, you’ll face a zombie, and if you shoot
down the bathroom door, you can enter that and get a shotgun and submachine

Continuing along this hall leads to a five-zombie battle. A checkpoint awaits
you in the next room…along with a zombie and green herb. Once up the stairs,
you will enounter the first two Crimsons of the game. Unless they’re far away,
it’s easier to just a gun other than the handgun for them. Onto the knight
room! Throw a grenade in here at the start to find all of the hidden items,
then take out the enemies as necessary. Once back in the hall, there will be a
pair of dogs once you turn the corner. After killing those, a short cutscene
will begin, which leads to another dodge sequence. Kill the Crimson and head
onto the second floor of the main foyer. Here you’ll have to deal with three
zombies, some crows, and two Crimsons.

Out on the balcony will be a green herb, more crows, a dog, a Crimson, and a
zombified teammate–Forest Speyer. He actually takes more firepower than usual
to kill. Turning the corner will reveal a duo of zombie dogs, and then you
will head through the door. Dispose of the crows and obtain the shotgun and
green herb. Here there are some more crows and zombies, including three
Crimsons. There will be four zombies in the next room you enter, and in the
one after that, a green herb at the beginning of the hall. Here comes the boss
fight with Yawn.

There is a submachine gun, and two green herbs in this area (one being on the
second floor). As for the actual fight…

A lot more damage will be inflicted the closer the snake is to you, so you
don’t even really have to shoot it if it’s far off. When it gets close and
stays in front of you (sometimes waving from side to side), that’s the time to
shoot it, since it’s also about to attack you. It’ll lunge at you, so be sure
to aim at its mouth the majority of the time. After you hit it, it’ll recoil
back, and it also sometimes opens its mouth wide for several seconds, allowing
you to do plenty of damage. If you can get the right timing with the shotgun,
use that. But if you’re having trouble shooting it without taking damage while
using that, the submachine gun will work just fine. Use the grenades if you
can get them close to Yawn’s mouth.

If you’ve completed Rebecca’s subchapter, there will be a cutscene with her,
Richard, Jill, and Rebecca.

End section one of this chapter.

Leaving Rebecca to care for Richard, Chris and Jill conintued to explore
the mansion. Wesker was still MIA and thy were stuck in a mansion brimming
with secrets. An eerie courtyard stretched out before them.

Now you start out in the courtyard leading to the residence/guard house. The
main area has two dogs. The next contains a green herb on the other side of
the reservoir. There’s a light on the left side that contains a first aid
spray. After taking out two zombies, Chris will turn the crank that lowers the
water. Take out the few zombies in your path, along with all of the snakes
that show up. There will also be two dogs before you make it to the lift.
There are several of the undead here, and a grenade. Now here is your first
real choice of the game as far as which path to take goes. You can go through
the waterfall and into the tunnels, or through the residence.


After actually getting down here, get the grenade and shotgun that are behind
the typewriter and continue along, killing the two hunters that get in your
way. Through the door, get the green herb if need be, and prepare for a dodge
scene. If you don’t get it, you’ll die. After that, the next room contains
five spiders that need killing. You’ll then be in the residence. Going down
the hall, you’ll have to take out three zombies. Get the green herb and allow
the game to take you where you need to go. Now switch to the second paragraph
of the residence section.


Dodge sequence with a hunter. Take that out, and then the three zombies and
three dogs on the way to the residence. There will also be a submachine gun to
pick up close to the entrance. Kill the snakes, and you’ll head inside. There
will immediately be a grenade and a shotgun to grab. Continuing along will
bring out a spider, along with a couple of zombies. Going through the door
leads to a room with more spiders. After taking out those, a couple of
Crimsons will run inside from the hallway. There’s a submachine gun and a
shotgun downstairs, and a green herb upstairs. You can grab all three no
matter what way you go. Take out any little and big spiders that come at you.
You’ll now head back into the hall, and a different way. Through this door
will lead you to another encounter with a hunter. Continue along and get the
green herb if you need it.

The next room you enter will have a zombie in it that you have to shoot, and
it will be a checkpoint. After climbing down the ladder and turning a couple
times, two hunters will leap at you. Kill them and as you go along, there will
be a green herb and shotgun to pick up, along with four hunters and a zombie.
Once they’re disposed of, get the submachine gun and you’ll head into the Aqua
Ring. Shoot the sharks whenever they’re about to attack, and watch for the
dodge sequence. In the next room is a cutscene. Here comes a boss fight with
Plant 42.

This fight can be a pain in the ass, even if you do nothing wrong. On the
ground, be sure to shoot the acid with your handgun to make sure those don’t
hit you, and when you head upstairs, pick up any gun you see (there are two
shotguns and a submachine gun), and health if you need it, and start shooting
at the exposed bulb, like in REmake. Also be sure to watch out for the
tentacles. Use the submachine gun when you’re on the ground and sweep across
the screen to prevent the tentacles from attacking you. Every time you go
upstairs, there will be a dodging sequence you need to perform so that you
don’t get health taken off. It’s pretty much just rinse and repeat.

End section two of this chapter.

After fighting off an army of monsters, Chris and Jill stumbled upon a
hidden, underground research facility. There was no doubt that Wesker was
here, they carefully descended down into the darkness, not knowing what lurked

In the room you start out in, there are four zombies, and if you shoot out the
light above the door, you can obtain a first aid spray. After heading down the
ladder, there will be two zombies and a shotgun to pick up. You’ll have to
kill four zombies in the next hall, one of them being a Crimson, before being
able to grab a grenade and another shotgun. Then a Crimson will come sprinting
up the stairs, so take it out as safely as possible. Once at the bottom of the
staircase, an acid-spitting zombie will attack–kill it. Through the double
doors, you can go two ways, though it doesn’t really matter which. If you
don’t press A to move to the left, just pick up the shotgun when it gives you
the view of it, and continue on.

There will be three zombies around the corner, along with a green herb and a
shotgun. After a few more steps, you’ll have to turn to face a Crimson. Around
the next corner you can grab a green herb, and then head through the door.
After discovering that the power is out, you’ll meet your first Chimera. Use
the shotgun or submachine gun to kill them for the most part. Sometimes you’ll
be able to get away with just using your handgun. There will be a Crimson and
two more Chimeras before you manage to get to the next area. Here will reside
a Crimson and three Chimeras. After entering the following room, grab the
shotgun to the left when you can, and then three Chimeras will come out to
play. There will also be a grenade to grab towards the end of this room.

Going through the double doors will trigger a checkpoint. Pick up the shotgun
and after they turn on the power, four Chimeras will emerge. In the area that
immediately follows, there will be two hunters, two zombies, and three
Chimeras. Fortunately, right after that, you’ll be able to pick up a green
herb. Three zombies await, along with a shotgun, and then two more Chimeras,
followed by yet another zombie. And then, finally, you’re out of that area.
Time to head down to the lab! After, of course, defeating two more Crimsons.
On the way to the lab is a green herb and a shotgun. Now here comes a scene
with Wesker, followed by the initial Tyrant fight, which opens with a dodge
sequence. Afterwards, just use your most powerful weapon to take him out for

There’s a hunter on the way back to the elevator. After you’re out of that,
you’ll have to watch for two zombies and a Chimera. There will be four zombies
and two Chimeras in the main lab area. Up the stairs is a green herb and eight
zombies that you’ll have to kill before reaching the ladder and ascending it.
There will be three hunters, a green herb, and a shotgun on the way to the
helipad. You’ll meet up with Rebecca, and the three of them will head up. Here
comes a fight that’s pretty easy in REmake, but here, is potentially very hard
the first time around.

Welcome, the Tyrant.

If you have any grenades, use them at the very start, while he’s just standing
there and then slowly walking towards you. That’s when you have the best
chance at them doing as much damage as possible, because he’s pretty much a
stationary target. After that, shoot him as much as you can, and especially
make sure you’ve reloaded by the time he’s close to you, so that when he tries
to attack you, you can shoot him and thus dodge him. Also, when you see him
sprinting at you, you have to make sure to shoot his left arm–the one that
will kick your ass if you don’t deflect him. The same thing applies when he
does his massive jump in the air–be sure to hit him at the right time and he
won’t get a hit on you. If he grabs you up, simply unload on him as much as
possible until he drops you. There will also be times when you’ll have to

Then, after you get the rocket launcher, be sure to actually have a good shot
at him. A lot of the time if he’s doing his sprint towards you, it won’t hit
him, even if it’s aimed right at him.

After defeating him, you’ll see the usual perfect Chris ending, and then
you’ll hear Wesker begin to speak…

Wesker: “It was near daybreak on July 24th when the incident at the mansion
drew to a close. Except for Chris and a few others, the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. were
wiped out. All of the evidence of the event had vanished with the destruction
of the mansion. For a brief moment, I felt the pain of coming death. However,
this too was part of the plan. Nobody was aware of it, but I had been reborn.
I cast off my frail humanity and became something greater.”


Wesker: “Raccoon City was a town under the thumb of Umbrella. The virus washed
over the city like a tidal wave and in its wake left a living hell filed with
ungodly creatures. Umbrella, under the guide of helping the hapless citizens,
sent in their private military, the U.B.C.S. security force. Jill Valentine, a
member of S.T.A.R.S., finds herself still trapped in the nightmare she thought
she left behind with the mansion incident.”

September 28th, 1998

Jill is fighting off zombies when she gets cornered, and Carlos helps her out.
With this, they join up. Let me just say right now, that this whole chapter is
full of corpses. After taking out the initial group of them, to the left of
the first police car (against the wall) will be a submachine gun. Take out the
next horde of zombies, and as you turn to the left to see three more, grab the
grenades on the ground. When you come across the red barrel, shoot it to make
it explode and kill a bunch of zombies at once. The next open area has three
dogs, and after you turn around, you’ll be able to pick up a green herb and
use another barrel to take out a group of the undead. When you open the double
doors, three zombies with burst out, and there will be another trio inside.
When they go over to the water, get the first aid spray.

After you take out the two ground zombies and a couple of crows, Carlos and
Jill will jump down into the water. Take out the enemies here as needed, and
then you’ll have a minute of not having to do anything. Then there will be two
spiders to take care of before going up a ladder. Back on the street, zombies
will come out of the woodwork, and you’ll turn and run the other way. Grab the
shotgun on the dumpster and take out the zombies on the ground. Once you hit
the dead end and have to turn around, you’ll have to face four corpses. After
that will be three more and a green herb. To the right, shoot the sign and
grab the shotgun. There will be another six zombies, and you can shoot the
crate to get yet another shotgun.

After disposing for the next four zombies, take out the rest with the
explosive barrel (and more bullets if needed). The following area contains
three zombies to take out and three crows. You can shoot the red bars to help
with that if you want to. Through the door is a checkpoint. Here is another
decision, although the paths aren’t as different at the one in the previous
chapter. You can go left into the fenced area, or continue along the street.


Dodge sequence almost right away. After completing that, there will be three
dogs and three zombies. Shoot the mines like you would the explosive barrels.
After a couple more waves of zombies, get the shotgun on the ground. Watch out
for the zombie that spits acid. In the building, take out the immediate
zombies, then the hunters, then a couple of more zombies. Now jump down to the
second paragraph below the fenced section.


Up the ladder leads to a pretty zombie infested area. Use the cars like the
barrels. After taking all of those out, there will be a dodge sequence, and
then more zombies. There will also be two green herbs to grab as you head out
of that area. You’ll be attacked by two hunters on your way into the building.
By the time you reach the bottom of every staircase, you’ll have fought two
hunters and seven zombies, and picked up a green herb and a submachine gun.
Then there will be one more zombie and one more green herb. Two more zombies
await in the next hall.

The next room contains a grenade, green herb, shotgun, two hunters, and a few
zombies. Outside…surprise, more zombies. Also take out the crates to find a
shotgun. After them come three dogs, followed by more shuffling undead. Use
the barrel as usual, and also grab the submachine gun. Get the green herb when
you see it if you need it, then you’ll head up the stairs.

Take out the crows and lone zombie along the way, then watch out for a hunter.
Get the submachine gun as well. Kill th crows and grab the green herb as you
go down the stairs. Use the barrel and a grenade before bothering to shoot.
Grab the two shotguns that are visible within a few seconds of each other, and
another green herb. Cutscene.

Here’s the Grave Digger. This fight is pretty easy and simple. Like Yawn,
shoot at its mouth as much as possible, and shoot the chunks of concrete that
come down at you like the acid in the Plant 42 fight. Use the shotgun and
submachine gun and you should have no trouble defeating this boss. Be sure to
shoot it when it’s jumping down at you, and be prepared for any dodge
sequences you have to do. There’s also a green herb in the area for if you
need it.

End section one of this chapter.

Jill and Carlos hurried to the police station where the rescue helicopter
would arrive. The city was doomed to annihilation and there were no
discernible routes out of the forsaken city. However, Jill knew Raccoon City
and she had a plan.

Your first fight is with three zombies, very close to you. The next will be
the same, only on a larger scale, and with a red barrel close by. You know
what to do. Also be sure to grab the shotgun. Don’t worry about the next group
of undead. Just keep going, and once you hear the woman’s scream, you’ll head
into a bathroom. Take out the zombies, grab the green herb if need be, and
also shoot out the middle stall to reveal a file (that’s one I remember right
off the top of my head). Grab the shotgun and grenade on the way down the
stairs and relax for a minute. Then comes the dodge sequence. After you jump
down, take out all of the zombies that appear. Kill the trio of dogs and then
the four zombies after you jump back up onto the platform.

Take out the next group of zombies after you jump down again, and then don’t
worry about the one after that–you’ll get out of there first. Grab the green
herb by the stairs and then take out the two zombies on the ground. After
dropping down yet again, dispose of the three dogs. There will then be a
checkpoint. Grab the submachine gun and then welcome a new enemy–the licker.
There will be three of these before you head up the stairs. Grab the shotgun
and start taking out lickers! Also pick up the green herb and another shotgun
when you get the chance. The dead end will contain a grenade. Back down the
stairs, there will be a green herb and three lickers. Snatch another shotgun
and you hurry towards a door.

There will be bugs in this hall, so be ready to use the knife. There will also
be a submachine gun higher up that’s hard to see that you can grab. There will
be one, again, after turning the corner and facing a licker. Speaking of…a
few seconds later there will be two more of them for you to take out, followed
by two more. There will be one more before heading down some stairs near more
bugs. After that, grab the green herb, shotgun, submachine gun (right after
the former two), and prepare for some hunters! There’s about thirty–yes,
thirty–total along this cement hallway. There are also a couple of weapons
for you to grab if you’re able to.

End section two of this chapter.

Making their way through an underground tunnel, Jill and Carlos finally
reached the police station. They climbed to the roof and waited for the
arrival of the rescue helicopter. Something had been observing their

Grab the submachine gun before heading into the building to face a bunch of
zombies. Then you’ll be introduced to Jill’s best buddy, Nemesis. Just shoot
him in the head until there’s a cutscene, and dodge as needed. You’ll end up
in a room with a bunch more zombies, along with an office that has a grenade,
green herb, and submachine gun in it, though you barely have enough time to
grab all of them. Pick up the first aid spray by the zombie on the floor and
head outside. Kill the crows, the dog, and the other crows, and then Nemesis
will make another appearance. Keep shooting him and then use the barrel to do
enough damage to hold him at bay for now.

Back inside, you’ll come across another horde of zombies, but they’ll get out
of there and instead get into the path of a licker, five zombies, and then two
more lickers. Pick up the magnum. Downstairs will be two lickers, and then
Nemesis will make his presence known. Instead of battling him, this time Jill
and Carlos hide in a dark morgue. That’s always safe in Resident Evil. After
he goes by, the flashlight will turn on and you will have to face seven
corpses. Not sure why Nemesis can’t hear the gunshots, but oh well. Outside
the room, to the right, is a green herb if you need it. There will be two dogs
in the hall to the left, and then you will enter the parking garage. Grab the
magnum when you see it, along with the green herb, and then dispatch the three

Two more dead canines will show up before Nemesis does. Shoot him, as always,
and the red barrel. After crawling through the small space, there will be a
checkpoint. There will then be two more dogs, followed by eight zombies. There
will also be a green herb for ya up here. A trio of dogs and then a grenade.
Zombies will burst through the gate after that, so take some of them out and
then Jill and Carlos will run into the RPD station. Here come eight hunters,
and there’s also a green herb and submachine gun to grab in the main room. Up
the ladder is another green herb to the left. To the right, is a hunter. After
a few seconds, another hunter will come that you have to kill. Then Nemesis
will show up, only this time, you have to worry about the rocket launcher,

In fact, that’s what you have to take out in order to end that mini fight.
Afterwards, you’ll head into a room with a submachine gun, and a green
herb…and several zombies. In the next hall, there will be a pair of zombies
and a submachine gun, followed by some lickers…and a rocket launcher! Ya
can’t miss that. There will be a green herb on the roof–don’t grab it yet
unless you need it. The final fight is about to start. Shoot him and then the
barrels, and watch him mutate.

Shoot him in the head as much as possible. When it looks like he’s about to
attack, try to counter it by shooting him, just like any other boss. If he
manages to grab you and pick you up, just continue to berate him with bullets,
and he’ll drop you pretty quickly. When he goes onto the roof to attack you
through the ground with tentacles, simply keep shooting at him, since it’s
hard to keep those at bay even if you’re shooting them. When he jumps down,
shoot him like you did the Tyrant to keep him from hitting you. Also as with
the Tyrant, use any grenades you have when he’s not moving fast, because those
work well. Always be prepared to dodge, as well. The basics for every boss
applies here: do as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible, while
taking as little damage yourself as you can. When you beat him, the ending
will be similar to RE3’s. Then you’ll again hear Wesker’s voice.

Wesker: “Thus, Raccoon City vanished from the map. However, not everything
disappeared with the town’s annihilation. The nightmare would continue over
the next few years as the survivors fought on.”


Wesker: “Umbrella’s stock plummeted with government inquiries into their
involvement in the Raccoon City incident. Before long, they were able to
redirect responsibility for the incident. Part of the blame was cleverly
shifted to the American government. Umbrella had strong ties and deep pockets,
thus they were able to drag out the legal proceedings. Over time it appeared
that all evidence of Umbrella’s involvement had vanished with the missile
touchdown. How convenient for them. Though fortune has a way of turning when
you least expect it.

It was the year 2003. Umbrella had a base of operations in Russia, where they
were working on new B.O.W. They were preparing to arm the unstable region of
the world with their bio weaponry. Chris and Jill had joined a regional
biohazard containment unit and had heard rumors about this nightmarish
facility. They recklessly plunged in to shut it down. They have no idea of the
awesome and terrible power that awaits them with the new B.O.W., T.A.L.O.S.”

Grab the first aid spray and grenade by the corpse on the right and then take
out a couple of zombies. After that, Chris and Jill will head up some stairs.
Three dogs will attack, followed by a hunter in the next room, where you can
also grab a submachine gun. Kill the lone zombie and you’ll jump down a
ladder. Grab the shotgun before descending the stairs, where you’ll face a
group of zombies. Get the grenade and submachine gun, and two Crimsons will
attack. Take them out.

Up the stairs will be another horde of zombies, so dispatch them. Grab the
submachine gun that you see to the right and then take out some more of the
undead, grabbing the green herb when you’re done. Take out the three dogs that
attack and then use the red barrels to get rid of the group of zombies. Grab
the shotgun to the right if you’re able to, and then a couple of Crimsons and
more regular zombies get in your way.

You can now go two ways: up the stairs, or down into the opening.


Like Chris says, it’s dark down here, and you’re going against zombies right
away. Take them out and get the submachine gun and green herb when you can.
There’s also a shotgun farther along in the corridor. Take out the two
chimeras that emerge. Turning the corner reveals more of them, and zombies, so
use the red barrel to your advantage, then prepare for another onslaught of

More zombies and chimeras emerge farther along. Turn around to find more, and
a red barrel. Use it. Then take out the two ground zombies and get the
grenade. Get another grenade and a green herb once you’re under the shutter.
Break the crates to get a submachine gun and a file. Take out the trio of
undead and get the weapons in the offshoot, then kill the two hunters that

Prepare for some more hunters, zombies, and chimeras as you make your way to
the end of that area. Under another shudder, get the items to the left and
right and kill the three chimeras. Chris and Jill will then go towards some
stairs. Take out the crates near them to find another file. Once up the stairs
and through the door, grab the weapon to the right and take out the zombies.

Take out a couple more of the undead, along with two spiders, and continue
along. Get rid of the three hunters that attack. Time for a dodge sequence.
Now go to the fourth paragraph below.


At the top, use the barrel to get rid of the zombies. Grab the shotgun and
head up some more stairs, taking out the zombie and Crimson as you do so. Once
you come across another shotgun, grab it. Get the green herb when you see it
if you can. Once at the very top, you’ll find yourself facing off against
another horde of zombies. Take them out however you want. Grab the grenade
along the walkway before heading up the staircase. A couple of hunters and
then some dogs will attack.

After that will come a few Crimsons, so use the barrels for them. A little
further along, grab the submachine gun. Checkpoint. Here come plenty of
hunters to keep you occupied. After they’re all dead, Chris and Jill will
continue along. Take out the zombies as needed. Grab the submachine gun and
grenade from the lower grate when they look down there. After climbing up the
ladder, a couple more hunters will attack. Take them out and then Chris and
Jill will slide down a vent. Grab the green herb along the way and then the
shotgun after you’re out.

Another pair of hunters wants to play. Dispose of them. Head down the stairs
and take out the hunters at the bottom, then watch out for multiple zombies.
Down the next set of stairs, watch out for a dodge sequence.

Take out the group of zombies and then the three spiders, followed by another
group of corpses, but these ones you don’t have to worry about. Get the item
in the little stretch if you can. Take out the zombies here and grab the
submachine gun and shotgun. Next come two hunters. After that, some zombies
that can be killed via the red barrel. There’s a green herb and a grenade in
the distance.

Take out a couple more hunters and then Chris and Jill will head to the other
side of the area. Kill these zombies will the barrel. Grab the green herb,
submachine gun, and grenade. Take out the hunters and zombies.

You will have to kill twenty hunters to end this section, so be ready. There
will then be a cutscene.

End section one of this chapter.

The concealed elevator led to a point hundreds of yards beneath the Earth’s
surface to an imposing facility designed with the exclusive purpose of mass
producing B.O.W.s.

Get the shotgun all the way to the right. Some zombies will emerge, followed
by four hunters. Grab the submachine gun to the right and the one by the
zombies. You have to take them all out to move further. Watch out for the
hunter that runs through the door, and take out the lockers to find a couple
of items, and a zombie.

Get the first aid spray and shotgun in the next room and then dispose of the
zombies that follow you. In the next hall, grab the grenade and watch out for
a chimera that will jump down. Six more will attack, and then several lickers.
Get the green herb and submachine gun at the end of the corridor. Get another
green herb if you need it before heading into the water.

You can go left or right, but it doesn’t matter because you end up in exactly
the same place, so don’t worry about it.

Shoot the sharks whenever they attack. The next area is dark, and contains a
submachine gun and shotgun to the left. Kill the lickers and bats and get the
grenade while ascending the stairs. Checkpoint. Kill the zombies and break the
crates to find a grenade and green herb. Dispose of the lickers and then
another group of zombies. Grab the shotgun and submachine gun and then you’ll
be attacked by two Crimsons and four lickers.

After that, pick up the green herb and shotgun at the bottom of the steps.
Shoot the end of the laser to get rid of it. Get the green herb if needed and
then prepare for some more chimeras and lickers. You can also use the laser up
top to kill the ones on the ceiling. The laser hallway should look familiar
for anyone who’s seen the first Resident Evil movie and the cutscene also
resembles the one from RE4, especially since you have to dodge in this one as
well (though only once).

Once that’s over, grab the shotgun and submachine gun in the hall. Get the
grenade and green herbs in here, as well as a submachine gun, and take out the
eliminators. There will also be a Crimson, some bees, and some regular
zombies. There’s another submachine gun in here, as well. After disposing of
the zombies, a hunter will leap onto the screen, followed by two of its
buddies. Kill them. After that will be a bunch of eliminators. There’s another
submachine gun to the right if you missed it earlier.

End section two of this chapter.

The two continued to descend deeper and deeper as if plunging down into the
depths of hell itself. Jill and Chris drew closer to the most powerful threat
they had ever faced, the new B.O.W.

Through the double doors is a green herb, shotgun, and submachine gun. On the
elevator, you will face seven chimeras, two hunters, and seven eliminators.
Get the green herb and go through the door, then turn around to take out two
lickers. Then two chimeras will attack. Grab the grenade, submachine gun (and
a grenade if you take out the correct monitor), and the shotgun.

There are some zombies in the next room that need to be disposed of. You’ll
head up some stairs and Chris will **** up. Dodge. Get the shotgun, submachine
gun, and grenade, and take out the Crimsons, zombies, and Ivys. There will be
a couple of ground zombies and then some eliminators. Grab the green herb and
take out the bats and a couple more Ivys. Grab the grenade by the zombies and
then kill them.

Take out the Crimson, and then you’ll get to a c

Leech Notes

This bloodsucking leech is approximately 20 centimeters in length. Bred by Dr.
Marcus, this creature has evolved in ways previously unthinkable in an
annelid. When multiple leeches are present, they have been observed to form a
collective consciousness. They consume flesh by attaching their enlarged
mouths to prey and possess the ability to entirely consume a human in a matter
of minutes.

Memo about Billy’s Past

Tragedy rocks the U.S. Marine Corps!

A dark day in Africa.

Rumors surround Dunell Marine Base, situation in the American heartland. These
rumors were sparked by the U.N. condemnation of the Guerilla Cleanup Operation
in Africa. An NPO has disclosed that the execution of 23 alleged soldiers was
actually the slaughter of 23 innocent local inhabitants. The military has
retracted their initial statements about the operation and the world is in an
uproar over their involvement in the affair. An investigative committee has
been quickly assembled to look into the incident, and the results of the
inquiry are disturbing. They have announced that the truth of the matter is
that “one marine panicked under the extreme conditions and unintentionally
killed the civilians.” This marine is said to be currently being held under
close medical supervision and will receive just punishment in full accordance
with the law. Details on the individual remain undisclosed at this time. The
military’s reluctance to disclose information has only fueled media claims of
a cover-up.

Should the top brass be allowed to shirk responsibility for a soldier in their
command massacring 23 innocent people? Does this cold-blooded killing machine
of a marine even exist? This would not be the first time the military kept
information on an operation quiet, but the emergence of a single soldier to
blame seems all too convenient and reeks of conspiracy. If they do not
disclose the full truth behind the incident, there is no foundation for
regaining the trust of the citizens they are supposed to protect. The military
will not be able to escape the suspicions of the people, nor the family of the
soldier implicated in this sad affair. Dunell Marine Base continues to deny
media access to the facility, while soldiers continue their drills as if
nothing has happened. Where is the justice? Is this what our America has

We all want to believe that our brave, shining knights in the US military have
our best interests at heart, so we can only hope and wait for an appropriate
response to the public’s outrage.

Jeff Hendricks,
War’s Power Magazine

James Marcus Profile

First head of Umbrella’s Management Facility. A founding member of Umbrella
Corporation and one of the pioneers who discovered the Progenitor virus. He
was so involved in his research that he began to use Umbrella employees as
test subjects in his experiments. The number of sacrifices totaled nearly 20
people. Acting under special orders from Ozwell E. Spencer, Albert Wesker and
William Birkin assassinated Dr. Marcus in 1988. However, 10 years after his
death, he was mysteriously revived. To exact his revenge, he began secret
activities with the goal of not only destroying Umbrella, but the entire

Eliminator Notes

The Eliminator is a biological weapon created from a large monkey by Dr. James
Marcus. Being based on primates, the creature is highly intelligent and
capable of executing commands. In response to the virus, the Eliminator’s
muscle tissue strengthens and swells to such an extent as to tear through its
skin. When detecting prey, hunger drives it to jump and viciously attack with
incredible speed.

Infected Bat Notes

The Infected Bat is a creature that shows distinct mutations over other bat
subjects. It is a prime example of the T-virus increasing the size of a highly
compatible animal.Its extraordinarily developed physique can reach a wingspan
of up to 3 meters, and íts strengthened muscle tissue enables it to carry a
human being with ease. Its diet has been altered and now consists primarily of
meat. In order to capture its prey, it signals accomplices to its aid with
sonic waves.

Stinger Notes

The Stinger is a B.O.W. created by administering the T-virus to a scorpion. As
a result of the virus, the creature rapidly grows to a massive size, and its
pincers become powerful enough to cut through steel. The increased thickness
and strength of the exoskeleton enable it to absorb damage from firearms.
However, the creature’s slow movement prevents its effective usage as a B.O.W.
in the field.

Mimicry Marcus Notes

This creature is actually composed of countless leeches that have merged
together to imitate the late Dr. James Marcus. The leeches secrete an adhesive
bodily fluid over their cuticle in order to mold together. When in the
presence of prey or a threat, the leeches will break their form and attack.
They are a revolting but powerful enemy.

Queen Leech Notes

This creature has mutated to become the Queen Leech that controls all leeches.
It typically takes the form of Dr. James Marcus but can break this mold to
become a transfigured first form. The Queen Leech first entered the remains of
Dr. Marcus many years ago and merged with his DNA. Over a long incubation
period the Queen Leech eventually began thinking and acting just like Dr.
Marcus did when he was alive. As the name Queen Leech implies, it commands
countless mutated leeches. If it senses bodily harm, it will cease restraining
its natural functions and mutate into a larger, second form.

Resident Evil 0 Digest 1

Bizarre murder cases with people being found dead, their bodies half-eaten,
were being reported in the areas near Raccoon City. The city’s elite special
forces unit S.T.A.R.S. sent their Bravo Team to the scene. However, due to a
mysterious engine failure, Bravo Team’s helicopter crash-landed in the forest.
Bravo Team narrowly escaped with their lives and stumbled onto a heavily
damaged prison convoy and the brutally dismembered corpses of the Marines in
charge. Enrico Marini, Bravo Team’s commander, ordered that a search be made
for Billy Coen, a former Marine who escaped from the convoy.

The newest member of Bravo Team, Rebecca Chambers, discovered a train stopped
in the woods and went inside to investigate. Apparently the train had met with
some kind of accident as she found all of the passengers dead. One of the
supposedly dead passengers came to life and attacked Rebecca. Completely
surrounded and facing certain death, Billy Coen was responsible for her
rescue. Rebecca was still suspicious of Billy, but realized that they needed
to work together if they wanted to survive the nightmare.

Shortly after, the train suddenly started to move. It accelerated and was
rapidly approaching dangerous speeds. To prevent the imminent derailment, the
pair engaged the brake. However, it was too late and the train rolled on its
side. The two barely managed to escape the wreck. Waiting near them was
Umbrella’s Management Training Facility.

Resident Evil 0 Digest 2

The Management Training Facility had been closed down since the death of Dr.
James Marcus. Parasitic leeches taking the form of humans were attacking any
trespassers that entered the abandoned facility. It was true terror come to
life. The two Umbrella officers, Albert Wesker and William Birkin, were aware
of the unfolding events. They were sent to recover the facility, but that plan
fell apart with the endless waves of attacking monsters. While monitoring
Billy and Rebecca’s progress, they began to sense a presence bent on
Umbrella’s destruction and decided to destroy the facility. Rebecca and Billy
came to trust and rely on each other while struggling through the nightmarish
circumstances. Rebecca realized that Billy did not have it in him to have
murdered 23 innocent people.

The pair eventually met with a reanimated Marcus. He told them the startling
story of how he was assassinated 10 years ago. He has just successfully
replicated the T-virus after years of researching leeches when two of Ozwell
E. Spencer’s employees, Albert Wesker and William Birkin, assassinated him and
stole his research. The evolved leeches attached themselves to Marcus’s
corpse, absorbing his DNA into their own until eventually creating a copy of
him. This new Marcus sought revenge on Umbrella and the world by initiating
the outbreak of the T-virus to the surrounding Raccoon Forest, resuling in a
full-scale biohazard. The copied Marcus eventually transformed into the Queen
Leech while the timer began to run down on a bomb that was set to level the
facility. Rebecca and Billy knew what had to be done as the curtain on their
last battle rose.

Bat Notes

Secondarily infected with the T-virus, which gives it heightened
aggressiveness, the bat has a tendency to lunge at humans when it detects
them. Its physical features are not much different from those of other bats
that live in Raccoon Forest, but its hostile behavior increases the chance of
spreading the T-virus.

Leech Growth Records

February 3rd, 1978

I administered Progenitor to 4 leeches. Their will to survive leads them first
to parasitism and predation. Then they breed and multiply. Such a single-
minded biology makes them attractive candidates for bio-weapons research.
Although they appeared to writhe around in pain at first, they soon settled
down. Afterward, no major changes were observed.

February 10th, 1978

It has been 7 days since the administration of Progenitor. There has been
rapid growth to double their former size and signs of transformation are
emerging. Spawning has also been successful. They doubled their numbers in
only an hour, but their ravenous appetites led them to cannibalism. I hastened
to increase the food supply, but had already lost 2 of them.

March 7th, 1978

I provided them with live food, but lost half when the live food fought back.
However, the leeches are learning from experience and are beginning to exhibit
group attack behavior. They are also ceasing cannibalism. Their evolution is
exceeding expectations.

April 22nd, 1978

The leeches no longer exhibit individual behavior, even when not feeing. They
move as a collective. They consume everything I offer with remarkable

April 30th, 1978

An employee has stumbled onto my experiments. Can a human be a food source?
How will the leeches respond?

June 3rd, 1978

A day worthy of commemoration. Today they began to mimic me! Surely they
recognize their father…. Wonderful children. No one will take you away…

Reclamation Project Notes

The Management Training Facility has been abandoned since James Marcus’s death
in 1988. Umbrella undertook a project to reclaim the facility and bring it
back under operation. Supplies and human resources were to be divided into two
batches and sent in, but the lead group was exterminated by a B.O.W. The
special forces unit sent in to investigate were also caught by surprise and
taken down by the leeches. The leaders of the Reclamation Project were Albert
Wesker and William Birkin.

James Marcus Profile

James Marcus was the first head of Umbrella’s Management Training Facility. A
founding member of Umbrella Corporation and one of the pioneers who discovered
the Progenitor virus, he was so involved in his research he began to use
Umbrella employees as test subjects in his experiments. The number of
sacrifices totaled nearly 20 people. Acting under special orders from Ozwell
E. Spencer, Albert Wesker and William Birkin assassinated Dr. Marcus in 1988.
However, 10 years after his death, he was mysteriously revived. To exact his
revenge, he began secret activities with the goal of destroying not only
Umbrella, but the entire world.

Ecliptic Express Notes

A special express train bound for the Management Training Facility, the
Ecliptic Express appears to be a typical train at first glance, but its
purpose is to bring Umbrella employees to the facility to undergo special
training. The rails are privately owned and stretch through Raccoon Forest to
allow direct delivery of materials and human resources to various Umbrella

Marcus’s Diary 1

December 4th

We finally did it – the new virus! We call it Progenitor. I will begin
detailed investigations into this virus immediately.

March 23rd

Spencer says he’s going to start a company. Well, I don’t care, as long as I
can continue my research into Progenitor. He can do whatever he likes.

August 19th

Spencer keeps hassling me to become the director of his new training facility.
Maybe it’s due to the business, but he’s becoming intolerably pushy. Perhaps I
can turn this to my advantage. I need a special facility to properly explore
all the secrets of this virus. A plce where no one will get in the way.

November 30th

Damn that Spencer! He came to complain to me again today. He thinks of
Progenitor as nothing more than a money-spinning tool. Fool! But if his
influence continues to grow it can only be bad for my research. If I’m to
properly develop Progenitor, I must strengthen my own position too.

September 19th

At last I’ve discovered a way to build a new virus type with Progenitor as a
base. Mixing it with leech DNA was the breakthrough I needed. I call this new
virus T, and it marks the first successful derivation of the Progenitor line.

October 23rd

It’s no good! I can’t hope for progress by experimenting on mere rodents. Only
humans can be a proper mammalian subject for these experiments. Otherwise,
I’ll never make any real progress.

November 15th

Someone seems to suspect something about my experiments, but perhaps it’s just
my imagination. Well, if anyone does get too close, they may find themselves
unexpectedly “assisting” in my research!

January 13th

At last, they are ready. My wonderful leeches! Those of low intelligence will
never have the privilege of tasting this sense of joy and satisfaction! Now,
finally, I can move against Spencer. Soon, I will control everything.

January 31st

The devices I set to protect my work have been disturbed. It appears someone
came looking for T and the leeches. Fool. Not doubt the work of Spencer’s

February 11th

Today, I again found evidence of tampering around the entrance to the labs. If
that’s what they’re after, I must find a suitable way to deal with them.
Perhaps I should have William and Albert smoke out the pests. Those two are
the only ones I trust. Apart from my beloved leeches, of course. But Spencer,
it wouldn’t end there, would it?

Zombie Notes

They were once human, but were infected with and consequently resurrected by
the T-virus. They lose their ability to reason, which combined with the
continued decay of their flesh has led to their being called zombies. They
began to appear in great numbers with the T-virus outbreak. Their insatiable
hunger drives these carriers to seek out living organisms for food, which only
further serves to drive the infection.

Raccoon Forest Notes

Large Raccoon Forest lies on the northern outskirts of Raccoon City and
includes the Arklay Mountains. It’s a rich habitat, home to a multitude of the
area’s woodland creatures. The abundance of life in the forest is one
contributing factor to the rapid widespread dispersion and mutation of the
virus, resulting in a biohazard. The Arklay Research Facility and Management
Training Facility both lie within the forest.

July 24, 1998

Jill Valentine Profile

A member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. She is very dexterous and is an expert at
picking locks, earning her the somewhat awkward title of “Master of
Unlocking.” She is not only highly skilled in bomb disposal, but is excellent
at breaking down any situation an determining the best course of action. Her
years of U.S. Army Delta Force training have helped make her a crack shot.
After the destruction of Raccoon City, both her and Chris have joined a
private biohazard containment unit with the goal of taking Umbrella down once
and for all. Serious, with a strong sense of justice, she’s very direct in her
actions. She typically only shows her tough side to others, but there are
times when she lets her guard down and shows a softer side.

Chris Redfield Profile

A member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, his marksmanship is #1 amongst the sharp-
shooters assembled in Alpha. He was once a pilot in the U.S.A.F. and has
rigorously been trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as knife combat. He has
pursued Umbrella and the people behind it even after the fall of Raccoon City
by helping to organize a private biohazard containment unit. An excellent
observer with keen insight, his sense of right and wrong is unwavering. This
is often a source of conflict between Chris and his superiors. He has a
younger sister, Claire, who he is very protective of.

Kenneth J. Sullivan Profile

A member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, he is a veteran who can be trusted to bring
his vast experience and wisdom to his investigations. He is charged with recon
and position security. He made it to the mansion, but was soon overtaken and
became a meal for a zombie.

Forest Speyer Profile

A member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, his sharp-shooting skills almost rival
Chris’s. He escaped to the mansion, but was attacked by a monster and left for
dead on the balcony, where his body was later discovered.

Barry Burton Profile

A member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Barry Burton used to serve in the same
military unit with Chris Redfield and employs his expert knowledge in firearms
to adjust and supply the guns for the group. He is good-natured and
compassionate, with a strong sense of duty. He deeply loves his wife, Kathy,
and two daughters, Moira and Polly. After escaping from the mansion, he took
his family to Canada and returned alone to Raccoon City to rescue his friend
and former comrade from S.T.A.R.S.

Brad Vickers Profile

A member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Brad Vickers is in charge of chemical
protection and also serves as the team’s helicopter pilot. He is prone to
cowardice, a trait most notably demonstrated when he fled and left his team
dead at the mansion. His guilty conscience eventually forced him to return to
try and save the remaining survivors. Despite his one moment of courage, he
could never change his true nature. In the end he was tracked down and killed
by the Nemesis.

Richard Aiken Profile

A member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, Richard Aiken is the BUM, or back-up
man, for the team and specializes in the shotgun. He is also charged with
looking after the inexperienced Rebecca Chambers. This young man has a bright
disposition and is frank with others. He cares for people and will do whatever
it takes, even at the cost of his own life, to protect someone.

Enrico Marini Profile

He is the leader of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team and second in command of
S.T.A.R.S. Enrico is a veteran with survival skills and is highly regarded by
his subordinates. Enrico’s Bravo Team was on the way to investigate the
bizarre murders in Raccoon Forest when their helicopter was forced to make an
emergency landing. They proceeded to investigate on foot. Along the way, his
team got split up and attacked by monsters in the forest. Enrico decided the
Bravo Team’s best chances of survival were with fleeing into the mansion, a
secret Umbrella research facility. After escaping to the mansion, Enrico soon
learned that there was a traitor within S.T.A.R.S.

Edward Dewey Profile

A member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, Edward Dewey is the RS, or rear
security, for the team, and although he normally serves as the main pilot, he
acted as copilot to Kevin Dooly for the Raccoon Forest mission. After the
helicopter crash-landed, he discovered the Ecliptic Express and looked around
inside, only to be bitten by a zombie, making him the first S.T.A.R.S. victim.

S.T.A.R.S. Notes

Special Tactics and Rescue Service, or S.T.A.R.S., was established within the
Raccoon Police Department and is divided into an Alpha Team and Bravo Team.
This elite group was formed to respond to terrorism, organized crime, and
emergencies too difficult for the regular police to handle. Its members
include a hand-picked group of specialists, the best of the best. Their
funding was provided by a grant from private corporations, most notably the
Umbrella Corporation.

Arklay Research Facility “Mansion” Notes

Umbrella’s research facility built deep within Raccoon Forest. The primary
facilities are buried deep underground, while the two story mansion that rests
above ground serves as a facade. The mansion’s construction includes a wide
range of insidious traps and devices created by the architect George Trevor.

Tyrant (T-002) Notes

The Tyrant is a product of the Arklay Research Facility – the ultimate life-
form, based on the male human body structure. Its combat prowess is the best
of all B.O.W.s, and it is named after the virus that created it. It possesses
the mental faculties to carry out orders and is extremely durable. There were
still issues about the control mechanisms, so combat data against real
opponents was needed for making further improvements. If it senses that its
life is in danger, it will remove its power limiter and transform into the
even more powerful Super Tyrant.

Wasp Notes

These wasps were secondarily infected after ingesting insect carriers of the T-
virus. They have grown to enormous size as a result. Wasps are societal
insects that congregate in nests, and though it may be possible to fend off
one or two, any unfortunate victim of their attack will likely fall prey to a
large number of the creatures when they attack in swarms.

Their stinger can deliver large doses of their natural venom mixed with the T-

Web Spinner Notes

The Web Spinner is a new B.O.W. developed from early experiments with
arthropods. Its name is derived from the creature’s roots as a spider, but the
mutated creature now uses its acidic venom to capture prey and no longer
relies on webs. With its spider ability to climb on walls and ceilings, it was
under consideration as a useful weapon, but the inability to exert control
over it ended that line of research.

Yawn Notes

This poisonous snake, bred for use as a B.O.W. test subject, escaped and was
subsequently infected with the T-virus, causing it to grow to a gigantic size.
It quickly made the mansion its home and ate many of the research staff. The
venom it secretes through its sharp fangs requires a powerful serum to
counteract. If the victim is not given proper treatment, the venom will kill
the victim in a matter of minutes. Because it appears to be yawning as it
swallows its prey whole, it was given the name Yawn.

Adder Notes

This small, venomous snake was secondarily infected by the T-virus, leading to
a mutation with an enhanced ability to attack prey. It has the ability to
multiply with incredible speed, and its already-potent venom has further
enhanced by the effects of the virus. The adder’s bite also carries with it
the potential to further spread the T-virus.

Black Tiger Notes

The Black Tiger is a disposed-of Web Spinner that mutated and grew even larger
and more deadly. It can be differentiated from a Web Spinner by the black
markings on its body. Its ability to create a web and nest has returned,
providing it with an additional tool for trapping large prey.

Cerberus Notes

The Cerberus is a B.O.W. created by administering the T-virus to large
Dobermans used in the military. Its skin is severely damaged, although its
speed and endurance are considerably heightened. When it finds its prey, it
will coordinate with others in its pack and attack in waves. They are
suspected to be the main cause of numerous mutilated bodies found in Raccoon

Chimera Notes

This grotesque B.O.W. was created by combining the genes of a human being with
those of a fly. Although the Chimera’s general shape is humanoid, it has
retained many fly characteristics, such as the ability to crawl on walls and
its sharp appendages. Its intelligence is on par with that of an insect, and
its body contains within it numerous maggots. Its appearance provokes fear in

Crimson Head Notes

The Crimson Head is a zombie that has undergone a sudden mutation, bringing
with it a ferociousness surpassing that of a standard zombie. The mutation
process requires that the zombie first be incapacitated. At this time, the
creature’s body tissue is reconstructed at the cellular level, resulting in
renewed activity as well as the tell-tale reddish color that gives the Crimson
Head its name. It possesses long, sharp claws and relentlessly pursues victims
with a speed unseen in zombies.

Crow Notes

Wild crows were infected by the T-virus. Although their appearance remains
mostly unaltered by the infection, they have grown more violent and are no
longer frightened off by loud sounds. The fact that they care capable of
flight makes them an extremely dangerous carrier for the virus.

Hunter Notes

The Hunter was a battle B.O.W. born from a fertilized human egg infused with
reptilian DNA with the assistance of the T-virus. It is extremely deadly in
combat and possesses large, sharp claws. It is intelligent enough to carry out
basic commands and can cut down prey with astonishing agility and jumping
power, making it truly deserving of the name Hunter.

Neptune Notes

A new form of B.O.W. created from a great white shark base, Neptune was
developed as an experiment to prove that the T-virus would combine well with
sea creatures. However, the introduction of the T-virus provided only minimal
enhancement to the pre-existing strength of the shark, and the result could
hardly be employed as a true B.O.W. In the sea, it knows no enemies, but on
land, it is powerless.

Plant 42 Notes

Plant 42 was created accidentally during the T-virus outbreak. Researchers who
had discovered the plant studied it with great interest as its growth
overwhelmed that of other plants. Although it cannot move its trunk, it can
lash out with tentacle-like appendages to ensnare prey and drain them of their
blood for nutrients. It has also generated many other self-defense mechanisms
to protect itself from would-be attackers.

Resident Evil Digest 1

The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team was sent in to ascertain the cause of the grisly
murders taking place in the Arklay Mountains, but all contact with them was
cut off during the mission.

Alpha team was then sent to investigate. While searching for their comrades,
Alpha Team fell under attack by monsters and was forced to flee into an
ominous mansion.

The survivors – Chris, Jill, Barry and Wesker – resumed the search fro Bravo
Team, but found that most of them had already been killed by zombies. The
mansion was filled with trap doors and strange devices and teemed with
monstrous dogs, crows, spiders and blood-sucking plants. The mysteries
surrounding the old residence became more apparent as the team fought their
way through its evil inhabitants. The mansion turned out to be a front for a
hidden Umbrella research facility. Alpha Team managed to locate the survivors
of Bravo Team – Rebecca, Richard and Enrico – but Richard perished shortly
thereafter, and Enrico was murdered while trying to warn of a traitor in their

Resident Evil Digest 2

Jill and Chris made their way below the mansion and discovered Umbrella’s high-
tech research facility.

They discovered Wesker in the cultivation chamber and learned that he was a
traitor. As a former Umbrella researcher, he had seized the opportunity that
the biohazard presented to lure them into the mansion and collect data on the
effectiveness of the biological weaponry against highly trained soldiers.
Wesker also had further plans to betray Umbrella.

With the awesome power of the completed Tyrant in his hands, he no longer
needed to follow the orders of others. However, after the Tyrant was released,
it lashed out and pierced Wesker’s body with its giant claw.

The Tyrant pursued Jill and Chris, while in the background a self-destruction
mechanism had been initialized. The pair made contact with Brad, Alpha’s
helicopter pilot, and fled to the helipad to escape.

The Tyrant followed in pursuit and began to draw closer with each step.

Keeper’s Diary

May 9, 1988

Played poker tonight with Scott and Alias from Security, and Steve from
Research. Steve was the big winner, but I think he was cheating. That scumbag.

May 10, 1998

One of the higher-ups assigned me to take care of a new creature. It looks
like a skinned gorilla to me. I was instructed to feed it live animals.

When I threw in a pig, the creature seemed to play with it – tearing off the
pig’s legs and pulling out the guts before it actually started eating.

May 11, 1998

At around 5 A.M., Scott woke me up. Scared the shit out of me, too. He was
wearing a protective suit. He handed me another one and told me to put it on.
Said there’d been an accident in the basement lab. I just knew something like
this would happen. Those bastards in Research never sleep, not even on
holidays, so it was only a matter of time before one of them slipped up.

May 12, 1998

I’ve been wearing this damn space suit since yesterday. My skin’s getting
grimy and feels itchy all over. The goddamn dogs have been looking at me
funny, so I decided not to feed them today. Screw ’em.

May 13, 1998

Went to the Infirmary because my back is all swollen and feels itchy. They put
a big bandage on it and told me I didn’t need to wear the suit anymore. All I
wanna do is sleep.

May 14, 1998

Found a big blister on my foot this morning. I ended up dragging my foot all
the way to the dogs’ pen. They were quiet all day, which is weird. Then I
realized some of them had escaped. Maybe this is their way of getting back at
me for not feeding them the last three days. If anybody finds out, I’ll have
my head handed to me.

May 16, 1998

A rumour is going around that a researcher who tried to escape the estate last
night was shot. My entire body feels hot and itchy and I’m sweating all the
time now. I scratched the swelling on my arm and a piece of rotten flesh just
dropped off. What the hell’s happening to me?

May 19, 1998

Fever gone but itchy. Today hungry and eat doggie food.

May 21, 1998

Itchy itchy Scott came ugly face so killed him. Tasty.

4 / /

Itchy. Tasty.

Mail to the Chief of Security

Attn: Chief of Security

Date: July 22, 1998, 2:13

X Day is drawing upon us. Execute the following procedures within one week.
Prompt actions are demanded.

1. Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the estate, and obtain the B.O.W. raw combat data
against the S.T.A.R.S.

2. Collect two embryos of each mutated specimen as samples, excluding the
Tyrant. Dispose of the Tyrant.

3. Ensure complete disposal of the Arklay Research Facility, including all
personnel and test animals. Disguise their deaths as an accident.

When the above procedures are executed, report to headquarters for further

Sealed Letter to Sergei Vladimir

Dear Colonel,

It has been so long since we last met. Has summer come to Russia yet?

I realize it is sudden, but I have a request that only you can handle, old
friend. You already know from the television conference the other day that a
response to the incident at Arklay has been ordered.

The mail calling for X Day Procedure has already been sent. There are
stirrings behind closed doors calling for a “disposal” of the entire facility.
However, I just cannot help but feel it is a waste, what with our guardian of

I apologise for having to make this request of you, but could you fly to
Raccoon and recover the prototype for me? There is cause for the urgency of
this request. Hidden forces are at work, trying to back me into a corner.

I suspect there is more to the virus outbreak and other various incidents than
is suspected. The company has decided to destroy any evidence implicating
their involvement. In the current circumstances, I fear that any
correspondence sent by traditional means would be monitored, and so I sealed
this message.

Umbrella is embroiled in a dangerous situation, and these are dangerous times.
This is when those who would take advantage of such misfortune will begin to
emerge. You have always been our loyal cleaner, and the time when your
services are needed has come again.

Happy hunting.

Richard Aiken’s Letter

Dear Bridgette,

I understand your concerns about me taking up this dangerous line of work. As
a member of S.T.A.R.S., I will always be in the line of fire. I figured this
was as good a time as any to explain my actions. Bridgette, I know I’ve talked
about her before, but the memory of my little sister eats at me from the
inside. I couldn’t save her from that criminal.

I know you tried to console me, telling me that there was nothing I could do
being so young. But I was so paralyzed by fear and doubt that I couldn’t do

My baby sister was killed right in front of my very eyes and I couldn’t move
an inch. I couldn’t protect her. I was so helpless. It feels like I should
have died in her place and I just can’t shake that feeling. All I can do is
try to bury that feeling and protect the people that need it most, so they
don’t have to go through what I did. I’m not giving up this job, and I will
continue to protect who I can.

S.T.A.R.S. is the only way I can live with myself. I don’t want to die in
vain. I never want to hesitate when that moment comes again.

Don’t worry; I’m not that little kid anymore and I’ll come back alive. I
promise. You’re the most important thing in my life, and I always want to be
there for you when you need me.



B.O.W. Notes

A bio-organic weapon, or B.O.W., is an organism mutated using the power of the
T-virus developed by Umbrella. There are numerous varieties of B.O.W., all
developed to accomplish different aims, from combat to viral contamination.
Widely considered the most successful of the B.O.W.s is the humanoid Tyrant.
B.O.W.s include all organic weapons intentionally designed by Umbrella, but do
not include monsters created as a result of secondary infection by the T-virus.

Researcher’s Letter

June 8th, 1998

My dearest Ada,

By the time you read this letter, I will no longer be the man you knew, the
results of my test came back today, and as I suspected, they came back
positive. I feel like I am teetering on the edge of sanity just thinking about
my impending doom. I would give anything not to have become one of them.

As far as I know, you are not infected. I sincerely hope things do not reach
such a desperate pass, but if it has turned out that you are the last person
remaining alive, I want you to get the material from the Visual Data Room.
Then, activate the Self-Destruct System in the Power Room and escape from
here. Please do everything in your power to make this whole incident public.

If everything is still running normally, you should be able to release all the
locks using the Security System. I have set up the terminal in the small
security room so that you can log in to the system using my name and your name
as the password.

You will need another password to release the lock of the door in Basement
Level Two where the Visual Data Room is located. As a safety measure I have
coded that password into an X-ray picture; a roentgenogram. I know you, and
I’m sure you will be able o work it out without any trouble.

There is just one more thing…and it is my last request. I hope you never have
to lay eyes on me in that state, but if you do happen to run into me in my
hideous form, I beg you to put me out of my misery. I hope you understand.
Thank you, Ada.

Yours truly,


Lisa Trevor Profile

Lisa Trevor was imprisoned for nearly 30 years in the mansion and subjected to
continual experiments that transfigured her into a monster. Numerous viral
experiments made her immune to death itself and soon led Birkin to the
discovery of the G-virus. Lisa has the disturbing habit of peeling faces from
her victims and placing them over her own. There were repeated attempts to
dispose of her, but they all failed. She was eventually bound and left to
wander the halls of the mansion.

Trevor Family Notes

George Trevor was the brilliant architect who designed and oversaw the
construction of the Arklay mansion. The construction of the mansion took five
years, and when it was complete, Spencer decided that George knew too much. He
was imprisoned within the mansion, while his wife, Jessica, and his daughter,
Lisa, were subjected to viral experiments. Jessica was deemed incompatible and
disposed of, while George found himself trapped in the product of his own
design. The Trevor family became the first victims of Spencer’s blind ambition.

Family Picture

There’s something written on the back:

Progenitor virus administered (Nov. 10, 1967)


Administered virus: Type-A

Plasmolyzing of tissue during cell activation.

Virus fusion: Negative

Action: Disposed of.


Administered virus: Type-B

Plasmolyzing of tissue during cell activation.

Virus fusion: Positive but delayed fusion.

Body modification: Observed constant results.

Status: Continue protective observation.


Action: Terminated (Nov. 30, 1967).

A Letter to Someone

To my Lisa,

Day by day I can feel my consciousness drifting further away.

The shots given to me by the men in white clothes made some of Mommy’s itching
go away. Today they gave me another shot saying it was “nutrition”. When they
give me the shots Mommy can think straight, but Mommy’s shocked and sad
because Mommy is unable to think of you all the time.

Mommy’s afraid. Afraid of forgetting everything, especially the memories of
you and Daddy What your faces look like, how we used to be together They’re
all starting to disappear into somewhere dark in my mind.

Oh Lisa, I wish I could touch your face and hold you in my arms right now, so
that I can hold on to the wonderful memories of you and Daddy.

Lisa, we can’t stay here any longer. We have to escape! Listen to me, Lisa.
Our chance to escape is the next time when we go to that lab together. We’ll
both pretend that we are unconscious, and when that man in white clothes is
off guard that will be our chance. When we’re on the outside, let’s look for
Daddy together. Okay sweetie?

Be strong, Lisa.

Nov. 13, 1967

Jessica Trevor

Someone’s Journal

Nov. 14, 1967

I feel dizzy after that shot they gave me. I don’t see Mom. Where did they
take her? She promised that we would escape together. Did she escape alone and
leave me behind?

Nov. 15, 1967

I found Mom. We ate together. I was very happy. But she was a fake. Not my
real Mom. Same face but different inside. Have to find Mom. Have to give face
back to mother. I got Mom’s face back. Nobody can have my Mom except me. I
attach her face to me so she doesn’t go away. Because Mom sad when I meet her
without her face.

Nov. 17, 19 7

from inside box, scent of mommy. maybe true mother there. stone box hard. It
hurt. steel rope in the way. can’t see mother becuz 4 stones.


daddy atached first momm atached scond iNside reD and sLimy white and hard not
true moM where dunno dadd found mum again whne atachd mommy she move no more
she screaming why? Jst want to b with her


Mom where? I mis you

Wesker Report Extract on “Her”

July 31, 1978

We knew nothing about her. She was the biggest secret at the laboratory and
her data was never removed from the premises. The records showed that she had
been there ever since the institute was established. She was 25 years old. No
one knew who she was or why she was there. Apparently, she was a human
specimen to develop the T-virus on.

The experiment began on November 10th, 1967. She had been continuing to
receive virus injections for 11 years.

July 27, 1981

He worked through the night at the lab time after time and repeated
disorganized experiments, one after another. My staff and I collected biopsy
samples as quickly as possible before the specimens could die, but we couldn’t
keep up with his speed.

The Laboratory Manager supplied the new specimens as if nothing had happened,
but they didn’t survive long. It was hell. But the female specimen survived
that hell.

She was 28 years old by then and had spent 14 years in this lab.

The numerous injections of the “Progenitor” virus she had received over the
past 14 years would have left her bereft of any logical reasoning. It’s just
as well because if she still had any mind left, death would have been the one
and only thing she would desire.

Somehow, she continued to live.

July 31st, 1995

Her termination was decided on after three researchers had become her victims.
With the study of the G-virus on track, she no longer had her status as a
valuable specimen.

The termination of her vital signs was monitored and confirmed over the next
three days. Then, the body was finally taken away to some unknown location at
the instruction of the Laboratory Manager. Even now, I still do not know who
she was or why she was brought here.

September 28, 1998

Leon S. Kennedy Profile

After graduating from the police academy, he asked to be assigned to the
Raccoon City police, who are in the middle of investigating the bizarre
murders in the area. Upon arrival to the devastated city, he does what he can
to rescue the survivors. Although he has little practical experience, he makes
up for it with a strong survival instinct and natural abilities. After
escaping Raccoon City, he is scouted to become an agent for the U.S.
government. He has a strong sense of justice and never hesitates to act. His
youth can sometimes lead him astray when it comes to the fairer sex.

Brian Iron’s Profile

The chief of police for the R.P.D., Brian Irons maintains the façade of being
a warm-hearted police chief, but he was accepting bribes from Umbrella to turn
a blind eye to their many illegal activities in the city. When members of
S.T.A.R.S. returned with reports of the mansion incident, he intentionally
blocked all further attempts at investigating the matter.

His dark side is not a recent phenomenon. A little known fact about his past
is that he was twice accused of domestic violence against his wife during his
college years, and he avoided incarceration by agreeing to undertake
psychiatric evaluation. During the events in Raccoon City, his unstable nature
began to rear its ugly head again. He locked down the police station to make
sure all of his subordinates went down with him and even made a personal
trophy of the mayor’s dead daughter.

William Birkin Profile

A world-renowned scientist working for Umbrella, William Birkin is the primary
figure responsible for the development of the G-virus. He was also a core
component in continuing research on the T-virus where Marcus left off.
However, some unpleasantness arose between him and Umbrella, prompting him to
approach the U.S. military. Umbrella responded by sending in their special

Shortly before his death at their hands, he injected himself with the G-virus
and transformed into a monster. He is survived by a daughter, Sherry, from his
late wife, Annette.

Resident Evil 2 Digest 1

Two months after the mansion incident, Raccoon City had shown signs of
changing. Leon S. Kennedy is R.P.D.’s newest police officer, and he has
arrived in Raccoon City for his first day on the job.

The town is swarming with zombies, and shortly after reaching town, Leon has
to save Claire Redfield from an attacking zombie.

Claire is S.T.A.R.S. team member Chris Redfield’s younger sister, and she has
come looking for her brother. Claire and Leon flee together to the safest
location they can think of – the R.P.D. police station.

They manage to reach the station but find that the police force has already
been devastated. The two decide to split up to try and look for survivors and
an escape route. While exploring the expansive police station, Leon meets Ada
Wong in the parking garage, and they continue exploring together. Meanwhile,
Claire finds and rescues a young girl. She tells Claire that her name is
Sherry and that she got separated from her parents. Leon finds that there is a
sewer line linking the police station with an Umbrella research facility. What
he did not yet realize was that there would be a powerful monster standing in
between him and his escape.

Resident Evil 2 Digest 2

In the research facility, Claire ran into Annette, an Umbrella researcher and
Sherry’s mother. She gives Claire a full account of the causes leading to the
outbreak in Raccoon City.

The monster called “G” that was in the sewers was really her husband, William,
after he injected himself with an experimental virus called the G-virus. The
outbreak of the T-virus sparked a battle for control of the new G-virus
between William and Umbrella.

Leon had made his way to a different part of the research facility and was
attacked by a Tyrant. During the fight, he leapt into danger and saved Ada
from certain death. They continued through the facility together and a bond
began to form between them. Ada finally revealed the truth to Leon that she
was actually a spy sent to steal the G-virus.

While Leon was with Ada, Claire was still with Annette, and G had appeared
suddenly in front of the pair, cutting Annette down. She entrusts the
instructions on producing the G-virus vaccine to Claire shortly before dying.

Sherry has become infected with the virus, and Claire hurried to produce the
vaccine. Can Claire and Leon reunite and escape the disaster? What will become
of the infected Sherry?

Operation Report

Operation Report

September 27th 1:00 P.M.

The west barricade has been compromised and another exchange ensued. We
sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first floor temporarily.
Twelve more people were injured in the battle.

Recorder: David Ford

Additional Report

Three additional people were killed following the sudden appearance of an
unknown creature. This creature is identified by missing patches of skin and
razor-like claws. However, its most distinguishing characteristic is its lance-
like tongue, capable of impaling a person in an instant. Their numbers as well
as their locations remain unknown. We have tentatively named this creature
the “Licker” and are currently in the process of developing countermeasures to
deal with this new threat.

Chief’s Diary

September 23rd

It’s all over. Thos imbeciles from Umbrella have finally done it. Despite all
their promises, they’ve ruined my beautiful city. Soon the streets will be
infested with zombies. I’m beginning to thing that I may even be infected
myself. If I am, I’ll make sure I kill every last person in this town!

September 24th

I was successful in spreading confusion among the police as planned. I’ve made
sure no one from the outside will come to help.

With the delays in police action, no one will have the chance to escape the
city alive. I’ve seen to it personally that all escape routes from inside the
precinct have been cut off as well.

There are several survivors still attempting to escape through the lower
levels, but I’ll make sure no one gets out.

September 26th

I’ve had a change of plans about the remaining survivors inside the precinct.
I’ve decided to hunt them down myself.

I shot Ed in the back less than an hour ago. I watched him writhe in pain upon
the floor in a poll of his own blood. The expression on his face was
positively exquisite. He died with his eyes wide open, staring up at me. It
was beautiful.

I wonder if the mayor’s daughter is still alive? I let her escape so I could
enjoy hunting her down later. I’m going to enjoy my new trophy. Frozen forever
in the pose I choose to give her.

Mail to the Chief

To: Mr. Brian Irons,
Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

We have lost the mansion due to the actions of a renegade operative, Albert
Wesker. Fortunately his interference will have no lasting repercussions upon
our continued virus research. Our only present concern is the presence of the
remaining S.T.A.R.S. members: Redfield, Valentine, Burton, Chambers and

If it comes to light that the S.T.A.R.S. have any evidence as to the
activities of our research, dispose of them in such a manner that would appear
to be purely accidental. Continue to monitor their progress and make certain
their knowledge does not go public.

Annette will continue to be your contact throughout this affair.

William Birkin

To: Mr. Brian Irons,
Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

I have deposited the amount of $10,000 into the account for your services this
term as per our agreement. The development of the G-virus scheduled to replace
the T-virus, is near completion.

Once it is completed, I am certain that I will be appointed to the executive
board of Umbrella Corp. It is imperative that we proceed with extreme caution.
Redfield and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members are still attempting to uncover
information on the project.

Continue to monitor their activities and block all attempts to investigate the
underground research facilities.

William Birkin

To: Mr. Brian Irons,
Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

We have a problem. I have received information informing me that Umbrella HQ
has sent spies to recover my research on the G-virus. There are an unknown
number of agents involved. They must not be allowed to take this project away
from me as it represents my entire life’s work. Search the city thoroughly for
any suspicious persons. Detain any such individuals by whatever means deemed
necessary and contact me immediately through Annette. With these precautions,
any possible threat should be eliminated.

I will not allow anyone to steal my work on the G-virus. Not even Umbrella…

William Birkin

Emergency Orders

As of 12 A.M. today, September 9th, 1998, in provision with Article 12 of the
Internal Emergency Procedures, all equipment and personnel are now under the
command of the Captain of the Guard, Sergei Vladimir. His orders are to be
strictly obeyed. Any attempts to disobey orders will be punishable by death.

1. This vessel is to infiltrate Raccoon City and air-drop T1 into the R.P.D.
police station to take care of any possible survivors.

2. The remaining Ts on board should be dropped in the P-12A Incinerator
Facility. They will be able to respond to well-equipped and well-trained U.S.
special forces in the area. We must make sure we take all necessary steps to
clean them up.

3. After completing the preceding steps, this vessel is to retreat from
Raccoon City airspace as quickly as possible. After releasing all of the Ts,
there will be another piece of cargo to be transported. Details will follow

(unsigned, but stamped by an old seal)

Ivy Notes

Officially named Plant 43, this B.O.W. was developed by analyzing data from
Plant 42, which had appeared in the mansion. It inherits the blood-sucking
capabilities of Plant 42, while demonstrating new traits such as the ability
to move on its own and attacking prey with its two vine-like appendages. It
also has the ability to spit digestive enzymes from its flower-like head
section to deliver a fatal blow to prey. Its movements are plodding, most
likely due to the slow hydraulic forces it employs for locomotion.

Large Roach Notes

These were normal roaches that lived in the sewers until becoming infected
with the T-virus and growing to 40 centimeters, or eight times their normal
size. Their natural hardiness has remained intact, helping their population to
explode. They have a tendency to bite soft flesh pm their prey, and on humans,
this tends to be the area around the carotid artery. There have even been
reports of attacks on humans where groups of the cockroaches have leapt to
their victim’s face, suffocating them with numbers. They fought with mutated
rats for control of the sewers and won. Since then, they have demonstrated a
tendency towards cannibalism.

Licker Notes

These creatures used to be zombies before the T-virus further ravaged their
bodies. They were named “Lickers” because of the incredibly long tongues they
possessed. Other changes involve the brain expanding to the point of becoming
visible and their skin deteriorating and peeling to expose their deformed
muscle structure. This last mutation makes it easiest for them to move around
on all fours and allows them to climb on walls and ceilings. Physically, they
far outperform zombies, and they can hunt their prey by sound, lashing out to
attack with their piercing tongues. They can also employ their sharp claws to
leap and attack.

Grave Digger Notes

An arthropod that has mutated to an enormous size as a side-effect from the T-
virus, the Grave Digger burrows beneath the ground until it senses prey, at
which point it will rush up to the surface to take it by surprise. The Grave
Digger maintains the appearance of a worm and can grow to 10 meters in length.
Its powerful jaws can chew through even concrete, and its amazing digestive
system allows it to swallow a human victim whole.

G Notes

1. This virus is far more powerful than the T-virus and was developed by a
researcher named William Birkin. The T-virus only causes one generation of
mutations, but the G-virus can continue beyond one generation. When the
Nemesis prototype was used on the test subject Lisa Trevor, her body served as
the source of the original G-virus’s discovery.

2. William injected himself with the G-virus and transformed into this
monster. This monster is also called “G”, but to help distinguish its name
from the virus, the monster is sometimes called “Birkin G”. This monster
underwent extreme mutations until eventually reaching a fifth form, when it
was finally destroyed by Leon and Claire in the research facility under
Raccoon City.

Carlos Oliveira Profile

A young mercenary with Native American blood in his veins, Carlos Oliveira was
active in anti-government guerilla operations in South America. After

Carlos Oliveira Profile

A young mercenary with Native American blood in his veins, Carlos Oliveira was
active in anti-government guerilla operations in South America. After
government forces wiped out his organisation, he was scouted by Umbrella
Corporation to join their U.B.C.S. special ops unit. He is an expert in heavy
weaponry and vehicle operation, making him a valuable asset. He is warm-
hearted and is known to joke around. Perhaps as a result of being raised
amidst violence, he is brave and always willing to throw himself in the middle
of danger.

HUNK Profile

HUNK has carried out a large number of successful operations, many of which he
was the only one to return alive from, earning him the nickname “Mr. Death”.
He is a member of Umbrella special forces and was the operative that single-
handedly recovered the G-virus despite the rest of his unit being wiped out by
the G creature that used to be William Birkin. Cold, silent, and devoid of
emotion, he is a human machine. He has never shown his true nature, and even
his true face is unknown.

Ada Wong Profile

Ada Wong is a woman shrouded in mystery. She tells Leon that she has come to
Raccoon City looking for her lover, but this is only cover. She is actually a
spy who has come to retrieve a sample of the G-virus. She has undergone
rigorous special training in firearms and acrobatics, making her a real pro.
Ada is always calm and collected even in the most extreme circumstances.

She is cold and mysterious, but can show a feminine side from time to time.
Whether she truly cares about anyone else or is just using her charms to
manipulate people is never clear. Who is the real Ada Wong? Nobody knows.

Resident Evil 3 Digest 1

It was 1998, and signs of the coming fall were in the air of Raccoon City.
Jill remained in the city to investigate Umbrella but did not realize the
situation had become so dire.

Upon realizing the extent of the danger, she decided to escape. The virus had
rapidly spread, and much of the town’s population had already turned into
zombies. Umbrella sent in the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
(U.B.C.S.) under the guise of evacuating the survivors. One of the U.B.C.S.
men was mercenary Carlos Oliveira. Jill and Carlos began to work together to
try and escape the hell on earth Raccoon City had become. A black-coated
monster stood between them and their freedom. Nemesis, or the Pursuer, was
intent on wiping out every last member of S.T.A.R.S.

Nemesis had already made short work of Brad and continued to track Jill down
to accomplish its mission objectives.

Resident Evil 3 Digest 2

The tenacious Nemesis was cutting down on U.B.C.S. soldier after another. Of
course, a betrayer was also responsible for many of the U.B.C.S. losses. This
betrayer was Nicholai Ginovaef, a member of the internal espionage group
within Umbrella with special orders. He was planning to take back field combat
data from the city to Umbrella, while betraying members of the U.B.C.S. for
money. That is when Carlos Oliveira delivered the startling news. In a matter
of hours, a missile that had been launched would annihilate all traces of
Raccoon City.

There was not much time left and the Nemesis mutated to a more powerful form
with each attack. Despite the desperation of the situation, Nicholai was only
interested in the bounty placed on Jill’s head. In the meantime, Jill and
Carlos continued to look for a means of escaping the ill-fated town.

Jill’s Diary

August 7th

Two weeks have passed since that day. My physical wounds have healed, but I
just can’t forget that nightmare. For most people, it’s history now. But for
me, whenever I close my eyes, it all comes flooding back. Zombies eating
people and the screams of my teammates dying. No, the wounds in my heart have
yet to heal.

August 13th

Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What’s with him? He seldom
talks to the other police members and is constantly on edge. The other day, he
punched Elran of the Juvenile Crime Department just for accidentally spilling
coffee on him. I tried to approach him, but when he saw me he just gave me a
wink and walked away. I wonder what’s going on in that head of his.

August 15th

At midnight, Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a vacation, called
me and asked me to meet him at his apartment. When I got there he showed me a
couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus research report entitled
simply “G”. According to Chris, “the nightmare continues”. He later went on to
say that “it’s not over yet”. It appears that ever since that day at the
mansion he has been fighting to uncover the truth all by himself, without rest
and without even telling me.

August 24th

Chris left town today for Europe. Barry said that he was going to send his
family to Canada first and then meet up with Chris after that. I have decided
to remain in Raccoon City for the time being because I know that the research
facility here will be vital to this case. After gathering as much information
as I can, I will regroup with Barry and Chris in about a month. I know that is
when my true struggle will begin…

Reporter’s Memo

At last! I have found the evidence I need to prove that the “cannibal disease”
is indeed present in this city.

I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes! I saw one man actually eating another. He
behaved like a savage beast, tearing flesh from bone. It was horrifying. I
have heard rumours that numerous people now suffer from this disease. The
cause, however, remains a mystery. I must look into this further. The
government has placed Raccoon City under martial law to prevent the spread of
the disease. Due to this, I have lost contact with the media outside of the
city. But I’m not giving up yet. As a journalist, I have a duty to the people
and my profession. From what I have gathered, the disease has not spread
nationwide yet. It is my belief that this city holds the key to the creation
of the disease and its cure.

The military has set up blockades around the city to keep people from escaping
and spreading the disease. Most of the citizens of this once great city are
now either dead or infected. I know that it is the right decision to
quarantine the city, but I can’t help but feel sorry for myself. Will I be
infected or eaten? I suppose it doesn’t matter. My fate has already been
sealed. All I have left is my work. I won’t give up until I solve the mystery
of this deadly disease. I have already discovered that it is not an airborne
strain but is spread by some other means.

Dario’s Memo

I can’t help but wonder if anyone will ever actually read these words, but
writing them down helps me keep the last shred of sanity I still have left.

After I’ve become a meal for these undead monsters, I’m sure the G.I.s
responsible for sealing off the town will have a good laugh if they discover
this memo. Is this how it’s supposed to end? I don’t want to die. I’m not

My wife, daughter, mother, my entire family has been killed. But none of that
matters anymore. Right now, I have to worry about myself. That’s all I have
left. I never would have imagined my end to be like this. I had so much left
to do. Rather than becoming a salesman, I should have tried my hand at being
an author. That’s what I always wanted to do, but my mother was less than
supportive of my dream. Why did I ever listen to her?

This looks like the end for the great Dario Rosso, future best-selling author.

Cut down before his prime…

Nemesis T-type (Pursuer) Notes

This B.O.W. is the result of combining a Nemesis parasite with a host Tyrant
body. The introduced Nemesis parasite controls the host completely. Its
improved intelligence gives it the capacity to follow orders as well as the
ability to operate a variety of weaponry. A protective coat was wrapped around
it to provide protection against bullets and explosions as well as act as a
fail-safe should it go out of control. Thanks to the parasite’s secretions,
the regenerative powers of the Nemesis T-type were incredible. Even if it were
somehow stopped by an attack, it could mutate and evolve into a new form
capable of withstanding further attacks. The new forms and their abilities are
completely unpredictable.

Fax from the HQ


The Raccoon City project has been abandoned. Our political maneuvering in the
Senate to delay their plans has failed. All supervisors should evacuate
immediately. The U.S. Army is going to execute their plan tomorrow morning.
The city will be obliterated at daybreak.

R.P.D. Notes

The Raccoon City’s police department is led by Chief Brian Irons. Brian is
deeply connected Umbrella who has been working with him behind the scenes.
R.P.D. includes the special unit S.T.A.R.S. and is outfitted with far more
technology than appropriate for such a small city thanks to generous donations
from Umbrella. The police station itself was also filled with expensive art
pieces and resembled a museum more than a station. The brave officers of the
R.P.D. did what they could for the citizens of Raccoon City in the face of the
spreading T-virus, but with their chief gone mad and giving them confusing
orders, they could not pull it together and were eventually wiped out despite
having some of the nation’s finest.

Raccoon City Notes

An industrialised city located in the American Midwest, Raccoon City is
surrounded by nature, with an expansive forest to the north and plentiful
fresh water supplies. Raccoon City boasts a population of 100,000 people,
classifying it as a midsized city. The city successfully attracted investment
from the multinational corporation Umbrella, and soon grew to become an
industrialised company town with nearly a third of the population directly
employed by Umbrella.

Eradication Operation Notes

Even after the mansion incident ended, the “cannibal disease” (T-virus) had
spread to Raccoon City, plunging it into a state of panic. The city was
quarantined, while R.P.D. officers and U.B.C.S. soldiers attempted to rescue
its citizens. The situation grew more and more desperate, and the possibility
of the virus spreading beyond the quarantine was growing. The U.S. government
was concerned and called a nationwide conference to discuss the next step.
They formulated a plan for the complete eradication of the city. In
compliance, on October 1st, 1998, the military launched a new type of
strategic missile into the heart of the city. Raccoon City, with its 100,000
inhabitants, was forever wiped from the face of the earth.

U.B.C.S. Notes

The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, or U.B.C.S., is a private
military group operated by Umbrella. U.B.C.S. exists primarily to control the
disasters caused by Umbrella’s products and is always first on the scene of
any accident. Because of the dangerous nature of this work, many of the
members are war criminals, refugees or others recruited with the promise of
being pardoned from death sentences or life imprisonment. These soldiers often
come from the armies of communist countries and possess a solid military

Monitor Notes

Monitor is an internal espionage organisation within Umbrella set up to
monitor suspicious activity among its employees. Operatives are usually placed
throughout the organisation and maintain the image of normal employees to help
them conduct their activities. There were several placed among the U.B.C.S.,
one of whom was Nicholai Ginovaef. Their orders range from spying on fellow
employees and destroying evidence to cleanup operations, including
assassinations as required. The rewards for successful operations far outweigh
the risks, and monitors feel no remorse for selling out or killing their
supposed comrades. Rumours are that Colonel Sergei Vladimir is the one pulling
the strings behind the group.

Umbrella Special Forces

This elite special forces unit is owned and operated by Umbrella. It reports
directly to the highest ranking officers in Umbrella. Unlike the U.B.C.S.,
which performs more visible missions such as rescuing civilians, this unit
maintains total secrecy and a small size. Delta Team was sent in to blow up
the Ecliptic Express after the trouble occurred, but it was overwhelmed by the
leeches and wiped out. One of the unit’s more notable members, HUNK, belongs
to the Alpha Team and carried out the impossible mission of retrieving the G-
virus from the research facility under Raccoon City.

February 18, 2003

Umbrella Raccoon City Judgment

After the Raccoon City incident, the U.S. government issued an order for
Umbrella to cease and desist all operations. In response, Ozwell E. Spencer
hired the best lawyers money could buy and prepared false witnesses to try and
create the appearance of a conspiracy with which to turn the public opinion
away from Umbrella and toward the government. Survivors of the incident
presented their testimonies, but the lack of evidence, most of which had been
wiped out in the eradication operation, and the withholding of testimony by
government employees, who feared being implicated, made the case drag on
without a conclusion.

Albert Wesker Profile

One of the men behind the biohazard outbreak, and always seen with his
signature shades on, Albert Wesker possesses knowledge about biological
engineering and used to be an agent for Umbrella. He was planted in S.T.A.R.S.
to spy on the agents and was even made their commanding officer.

Wesker took particular note of Chris and his combat prowess while in charge of
the team. He is cold-blooded and has no qualms about betraying the people who
place their faith in him. He betrayed and killed Marcus, lured the S.T.A.R.S.
teams into the mansion and nearly wiped them out, and even pretended to be
dead to join Umbrella’s rival company.

Wesker was the one who sent Ada Wong to retrieve the G-virus and was involved
in the incidents at Rockfort Island. He appears intent on gathering as much
data as possible on viral weaponry. Since injecting himself with a virus
during the events at the mansion, his power has grown far beyond that of a
normal human being.

Umbrella Russian Branch Notes

This branch of Umbrella is a research lab located in the Caucasus region, in
the south of Russia. On the surface, it appears to be a government-operated
chemical processing plant, but it has been taken over by Umbrella after the
fall of the Soviet Union and maintained as a front. Umbrella built facilities
beneath the surface to perform viral and B.O.W. research. It is Umbrella’s
newest base and serves as Sergei Vladimir’s headquarters.

Red Queen Notes

Red Queen is the code name of the AI defense system developed by Umbrella. The
AI is contained within U.M.F.-13. However, the AI has unrestricted access to
the entire Umbrella network for administration, monitoring and carrying out
certain procedures. This additional functionality is a security fail-safe, but
in most circumstances, Red Queen is in the background performing only its
primary monitoring function. In emergencies, it will serve a more active role
and protect sensitive systems and date from intrusion along with cleaning up
hostiles. It is self-aware and can take these measures based on its own


The 13th-generation supercomputer U.M.F.-13 is contained in the underground
Raccoon City research facility shelter. All of the data gathered from the
network of Umbrella’s branches around the world is stored as a backup on this
mainframe. This wealth of information is kept in one location to serve as a
safety measure should Umbrella run into difficulty and need to be

Letter from Sergei to Nicholai

Nicholai, I apologise for the delay in responding. Your offer definitely has
the potential to turn quite a profit. However, the price I had to pay was high
and had to be considered carefully.

I have not changed my mind about relinquishing them. I understand that these
ten soldiers I’ve fought alongside with are nothing more than a number, a
price tag, to Umbrella.

I’m sure you are finding this all quite amusing, Silver Fox, but this is a sad
day for me. I feared the day I would have to make this decision. After all,
these men were all raised by me and are a part of me. I can’t help but feel
reservations about turning these thinking, feeling human beings into
biological weapons and cursing them to an eternity of living death. However, I
have made my decision and will not waver. Progress is always built on
sacrifice. If we are to truly restore our Mother into the great country she
once was, I am willing to endure any amount of suffering, and a price in blood
is still a small price to pay. If I have to cut down my very body, it is a
sacrifice I am willing to make. I will wail and shed tears of blood and rend
every last flesh of regret from my body if it means I can usher in a new age.
My answer, comrade, is yes. Silver Fox, your wish shall be granted.

Sergei Vladimir

Online Interview with Anti-Umbrella Activist (Sara Brighton)

Reporter: The trial is the talk of the internet, and queries on popular search
engines continue to make the top three list. However, there are many who raise
their eyebrows at your battle against the multinational corporation as
carrying things too far. What is your opinion on this?

Sara: Umbrella is not just another out-for-profit corporation; they are a
powerful organisation closely resembling an army or a country. We have no
choice but to wage war this way on a company trying to cover up the truth. We
have battled in court for almost half a decade now to reach a verdict against
Umbrella, and we would do it again if given the choice.

Reporter: So you’re the David fighting the Goliath of Umbrella. However, now
that a decision has been handed down, the problem’s solved, right?

Sara: One problem was solved, but some doubt still remains, and I feel it’s
too early to celebrate our victory.

Reporter: Doubt? And what doubt would that be?

Sara: There are two questions we need to ask ourselves. First, why is it that
it has taken so long for evidence against Umbrella to appear? Why now? Second,
why is the nature of that evidence still being concealed to this day?

Reporter: There are a lot of popular theories flying around about that one.

Sara: Take a look at the court records. It seems as if the evidence was data
being stored on a computer. Umbrella must have been hiding it right to the
very end. The most likely reason none of this evidence has gone public is that
it contains information that would incriminate many world governments,
including our own. This evidence is also rumoured to have been acquired from
dealings with an anti-social organisation.

Reporter: But Umbrella’s gone. Certainly that means the biggest menace is out
of the way, right?

Sara: Have the wrongdoings of Umbrella come to light? Certainly. But all of
the data on virus production and biological weaponry has not. I don’t feel the
data has been erased, but that it has ended up in someone’s hands, someone who
will inherit Umbrella’s dark legacy.

Reporter: Inheriting a dark legacy? That sounds like something out of a TV

Sara: It’s easy to laugh and dismiss it as some movie-of-the-week story.
However, if there is any chance that such a possibility is true, it is worth
our concern. Humans can be foolish creatures. Even after witnessing the
destructive might that wiped out an entire city, someone could still steal
that power and try to use it to further their own ambitions, regardless of the
price to be paid. Umbrella may only be the beginning of this nightmare. The
mystery surrounding the court decision makes that much pretty obvious.

Sergei Monster Notes

Sergei transformed into this monster after injecting himself with a virus. The
tentacles binding his arms fuse into one large tentacle. At the end of this
appendage is a dangerous claw that can be used for movement or attacking.

Ivan Notes

Ivan is a derivation of the T-103 Tyrant line that Sergei has re-engineered to
act as his personal bodyguard. Its basic combat functionality is that of a T-
103, but it has been modified to better assimilate into human society. In
addition to the trademark T-103 defensive coat, this model is also equipped
with sunglasses that include a head-mounted display. Major improvements with
this model include greater powers of comprehension and the ability to pass as
human. It is still a T-103 and, as such, can transform into a Super Tyrant
when the situation calls for it.

T-A.L.O.S. Notes

Codename T-A.L.O.S. The “T” stands for Tyrant, and the rest of the codename
stands for Armored Lethal Organic System. This bioweapon uses a Tyrant as a
base, while adding remote computer control capabilities via a chip implanted
in the brain. Its cardiovascular system is artificially improved to give it
mobility unthinkable in a natural organism. Its body is armored in a special
metallic alloy that not only helps it defend itself from missiles and other
projectile fire, but also restrains runaway T-virus mutation. It has also been
equipped with weaponry to allow it to respond to distant targets. Although it
is a humanoid B.O.W., it has enough armor and firepower to stand against a
tank. The codename also represents the name of a bronze giant from Greek

Sergei Vladimir Profile

Sergei Vladimir is an officer in Umbrella. During his army days, he held the
rank of colonel and is still called that on occasion as a nickname. He
approached Umbrella after the fall of the Soviet Union, looking for work. He
is involved in Tyrant research, and his experience in military affairs has
made him instrumental in the founding of Umbrella’s private militia, the
Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.).

He shows an ardor for following Spencer’s orders and makes sure even the most
radical of Spencer’s wishes are carried out.

Ozwell E. Spencer Profile

The founder of Umbrella Corporation, Ozwell E. Spencer, is a man of noble
birth, and together with James Marcus and Edward Ashford, he discovered the
Progenitor virus. To continue researching the virus as a potential biological
weapon, the three created Umbrella Corporation as a front for their
activities. Spencer mercilessly removed rival after rival, continuing to
expand his own influence. With the completion of research on the T-virus, he
seized full control of Umbrella. He never reveals himself or his true
intentions even to officers of the company, leaving Spencer a figure shrouded
in mystery.

Wesker Report Extract on the Tyrant Plan

We tried to create a highly sophisticated “Fighting Biological Weapon” – with
intelligence – that would obey programmed orders and act as a soldier. We
called it “The Tyrant”. But from the beginning there was one huge obstacle –
it was almost impossible to obtain a living subject on which we could base the
Tyrant. The supply of genetically adaptable human beings for the Tyrant was
extremely limited.

This is due to the nature of the T-virus. The T-virus variant that was ideal
to create the zombies and the Hunters was suitable for most humans, but it had
a fault of making the carrier’s brain cells decline.

To transform the carrier into a Tyrant we needed to keep the carrier’s
intelligence at a certain level. In order to overcome this issue, Birkin had
been working on extracting a variant that would cause the least damage to the
brain when it was adapted perfectly to the carrier.

However, humans with a genetic match to this variant were extremely rare. The
Genetic Analytic team’s simulation report told us that only one in ten million
would be infected and transform into a Tyrant, with the remainder becoming

It might have been possible to develop a more progressive strain of the T-
virus that could transform more humans into Tyrants. However, to push the
research further, first of all we required human subjects with a perfect
genetic match to the new variant.

There was little possibility that such a specimen would be supplied to us,
because even if we scoured the whole U.S.A., we would only be able to find 50
or so of them. IN fact, at that time, even with the utmost effort we only
managed to collect a few specimens with a close match. Even from the outset,
our research was at a standstill.

Wesker’s Notes on Differing Mutations

I have a theory on Sergei’s unique course of evolution. I had always assumed
that the variety of effects the virus brings about on its host were mere
random mutations. However, witnessing first-hand the effects on Sergei
combined with what I know of Marcus’s transformation points to a common thread
between their outcomes.

The host’s mindset appears to influence the evolution of the virus. Sergei
mutated into a monster whose very body is the picture of suffering as he was
ripped apart from the inside by thorns. I can only imagine that his
transformation represents the true mindset of the person he was inside. While
I have no proof, my intuition tells me that this must be the case. If the
personality of the host can truly affect the course of the virus
manifestation, where does that leave me?

Virus Memo

We go way back, so I hope you forgive me cutting the formalities. I don’t have
much time. I must describe how to use the item in question.

The sample you have been given is from one of the mutation stocks. It
possesses a unique characteristic. It should be injected into the host at
least five minutes before needed. The results are almost immediate, but they
do require a few minutes to completely take effect.

Even in death, as long as some portion of the host remains, the virus can
reconstruct the rest, and bring it back to life. During this process, there is
a brief period where the host appears, for all intents and purposes, dead.

In experiments with animals, 70 percent of the subjects grew more powerful as
a result of this resurrection. Their muscular and circulatory systems far
exceeded those they had possessed in life. This virus has been designed to
conquer death. Twenty percent came back to life, but with none of the
beneficial side effects present in the primary group. The remaining 10 percent
remained dead.

In other words, there was a 90 percent revival rate. The virus has not been
used on a human yet, but that is soon to change.

I’m not sure how this will help, but I’m sure you will put it to good use!
Good luck.

Talos Project Proposal

Next-Generation B.O.W. Proposal

Arklay B.O.W. Research Team

The success of the T-002 Tyrant experiment has shown us that progress towards
a marketable humanoid B.O.W. is moving along nicely. However, we must strive
to continue the research and development of cutting-edge products to satisfy
the varying needs of our clients.

The plan our team proposes is as follows.

1. Tuning Control Synapse Connector

The current risk of deployment of T-virus based weaponry is the lack of
control. Sudden cellular mutations can result in the halting of functionality,
impairment of judgment, and the various other conditions reported in the past.
In order to enable the safe transport and deployment of this weaponry, a more
stable solution is essential.

Our 6th Research Lab in Europe has discovered one method of control by using
organic parasites. We would like to pursue a more consistent result by using
chip connections to brain cells. We are in the final stages of testing and
feel confident in the likelihood of product realization.

2. Enhancement of Combat Functionality for Land-Based Weaponry

The Tyrant boasts a combat prowess and survivability that far surpasses that
of even the best trained combat troops. However, it is still only
theoretically capable of successfully deterring one military division. When
facing armored fighting vehicles or military-grade helicopters, its kill ratio
begins to falter.

By arming the Tyrant with specialized combat firepower and armor, we will make
it more fit for the variety of situations it is likely to face in the field.
In the past, the ideal has been to leave the Tyrant unhindered by additional
equipment so that it can maximise its two strong points – motor performances
and response reflexes. However, the use of enhanced armor modules, internal
reinforcement implants, long-distance homing weaponry, etc. could preserve the
natural abilities of the Tyrant while maximizing its options in field
maneuvers. The potential for this enhancement is fast becoming a reality. When
complete, it could make the Tyrant the ultimate all-in-one combat package.

T-A.L.O.S. Simulated Battle Results

(Top Secret)


T-A.L.O.S. vs. 1 Special Forces Unit, 12 Soldiers (former Spetsnaz)

Time Elapsed: 3m28s

Kill Ratio: 100:0


T-A.L.O.S. vs. Armored Vehicles, 2 Vehicles

Time Elapsed: 6m40s

Kill Ratio: 89:2


T-A.L.O.S. vs. Attack Helicopter, 1 Helicopter

Time Elapsed: 32m13s

Kill Ratio: 48:10


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