TGR’s Resident Resident Evil Fan Presents…

New Resident Evil 6 Logo

Resident Evil is arguably one of, if not the best action/adventure/horror series in the history of video games. The series has ranged from the first Playstation and Playstation 2, to the Sega consoles, to the Nintendo 64 and Wii, and to modern day gaming consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Resident Evil . . . → Read More: TGR’s Resident Resident Evil Fan Presents…

Vanquish Hands-On Preview

Shinji Mikami’s newest title isn’t very Mikami-like at all, says Jeff Matulef after trying it out at E3.

Shinji Mikami doesn’t make normal games. While Resident Evil was a runaway hit spawning several sequels and spin-offs in the decade plus since its inception, it was as unconventional a game as they came back in . . . → Read More: Vanquish Hands-On Preview

Resident Evil The Umbrella ChroniclesWalkthrough

Warning: this guide contains spoilers to all parts of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. Do not read on if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

Made by: Capcom

Walkthrough last updated: 12/18/07

======================================================= INDEX =======================================================

1.) Introduction 2.) Prologue 3.) Controls 4.) Saving 5.) Before Getting Started/Tips 6.) Weapons & Customizing 7.) Enemies 8.) Characters 9.) . . . → Read More: Resident Evil The Umbrella ChroniclesWalkthrough

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