Author: Andy Johnson

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Propaganda Gaming: Videogames as Political Communication

I remarked in my last article for TGR that games arguably lack “propositional content” when compared to other, more established forms of mass media. That…

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By the Numbers: The Lost Art of Procedural Generation

Just like cinema in its early decades, video games have always been driven on by a breakneck pace of technological progress. As with other software,…

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Exclusive! – Games Journalism and the Race Against Quality

In 1981, the first dedicated video game magazines were launched. In 2009, they continue a pattern of decline that has characterized the last several years…

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Defence of the Ancients: A New Genre?

Have you played Defence of the Ancients? As the mod phenomenon for Blizzard’s classic strategy game Warcraft III continues to gain momentum, it’s clear that…

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Review: Supreme Commander (360)

Supreme Commander was originally released for PC in February 2007 and was well-received as an ambitious attempt to push the RTS genre forward. A new…

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