Halo Wars: Historic Battles DLC Video Game Review

Purchasers of Halo Wars experienced a fair amount of disappointment. The game seemed a one trick pony due to the closing of developer Ensemble Studios, but luckily that hasn’t been the case. Two DLC packs released since have broadened the game experience for Halo/strategy fans. The first pack, Strategic Options (check here for our review), . . . → Read More: Halo Wars: Historic Battles DLC Video Game Review

Playlogic Brewing a Recipe for Success?

What exactly does it take to make a successful game company? It starts with getting noticed. In an ever expanding market with multiple AAA titles, it can seem like an arduous task to get anyone to pay attention to your game, regardless of how good it is. Thankfully, we recently had the opportunity to speak . . . → Read More: Playlogic Brewing a Recipe for Success?

NCAA Football 10 Video Game Review

College Football has always been more raw than the NFL. It’s a place for talent to develop and the NCAA franchise has echoed this quality when compared to Madden. Unfortunately, that feeling is still present this year. Instead of pushing for drastic leaps in game play or graphics, NCAA Football 10 adds new features to . . . → Read More: NCAA Football 10 Video Game Review

Madden 10 Preview

Some things just never change. Two plus two will always equal four, Brett Favre will always be on the verge of comeback, and America will always love football. One thing that will be changing this year is Madden 10, as this highly successful football series is back and fighting for every yard. The . . . → Read More: Madden 10 Preview

The Playlist: July 2009

Our mission at TGR has always been not only to give you – the reader – upfront information, but to keep that information up-to-date, so that you are better informed and in good time. That’s why I’m proud to bring you the first edition of “The Playlist”, a new feature that will provide you with . . . → Read More: The Playlist: July 2009

Borderlands Eyes-On Preview

In an age where shooters are all trying to outdo each other’s realism, it’s refreshing to hear Gearbox’s creative director Mikey Neumann tell us that, "realism can eat shit and die." This bolshy mantra is first made apparent in Borderland‘s new art style. It’s gone cel-shaded since we last saw it, making for . . . → Read More: Borderlands Eyes-On Preview

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