The Playlist: January 2010

Without putting too fine a point on it, this Christmas was largely a flop for gamers, with a paltry amount of titles released during the biggest buying season of the year. We know Modern Warfare 2 scared many publishers into postponing their games’ releases into 2010, but why do the publishers persist with dumping all . . . → Read More: The Playlist: January 2010

The Playlist: December 2009

The holidays are swiftly approaching – even if retailers are insisting they’re already here – and for us gamers it’s usually a time when the really special games come out. This year seems to be the exception, however, as December ’09 seems to offer a collection of titles paltry in number. We can only hope . . . → Read More: The Playlist: December 2009

The Playlist: October 2009

October is the time for transition between summer and winter, which essentially makes October a seasonal mutant. Fitting then that Halloween lurks at its end, but there’s still a while before that. In the meantime, October’s issue of The Playlist is here to inaugurate, celebrate, commemorate, and other words ending in ’-ate’. So let’s get . . . → Read More: The Playlist: October 2009

The Playlist: September 2009

Good start-of-the-month, y’all. I imagine you’ve been lying awake at night wondering just what digital delights await you this month. Well, we here at TGR are determined not to disappoint you – just remember that it’s the thought that counts – on that note, here’s the September 2009 edition of The Playlist. This month’s collection of releases is a bizarre mix of . . . → Read More: The Playlist: September 2009

The Playlist: August 2009

Hello, and welcome to the second edition of The Playlist. Summer has certainly arrived; the season where the games are just as hot as the temperature, or so the publishers would like us to think. Fortunately this month that statement actually rings true. There are some very exciting titles, with plenty for fans of both old . . . → Read More: The Playlist: August 2009

The Playlist: July 2009

Our mission at TGR has always been not only to give you – the reader – upfront information, but to keep that information up-to-date, so that you are better informed and in good time. That’s why I’m proud to bring you the first edition of “The Playlist”, a new feature that will provide you with . . . → Read More: The Playlist: July 2009

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