PUDDLE – Go With The Flow

Liquid is a strange old substance, don’t you think? When it gets hot it turns into a gas and when it gets cold it turns solid, how mad is that. Now imagine a game that involves liquid if you will, and you have PUDDLE by KONAMI, available to download on Xbox Live Arcade© and . . . → Read More: PUDDLE – Go With The Flow

TGR’s Resident Resident Evil Fan Presents…

New Resident Evil 6 Logo

Resident Evil is arguably one of, if not the best action/adventure/horror series in the history of video games. The series has ranged from the first Playstation and Playstation 2, to the Sega consoles, to the Nintendo 64 and Wii, and to modern day gaming consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Resident Evil . . . → Read More: TGR’s Resident Resident Evil Fan Presents…

BioWare vs Blizzard inside a nutshell!

During an interview with EA’s games boss Frank Gibeau, he has explained how BioWare’s new project is going to face WoW head on for a chunk of its subscribers with EA’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. EA have no intention of sneaking around their foe, and instead are directly pushing their game out into . . . → Read More: BioWare vs Blizzard inside a nutshell!

Vanquish Hands-On Preview

Shinji Mikami’s newest title isn’t very Mikami-like at all, says Jeff Matulef after trying it out at E3.

Shinji Mikami doesn’t make normal games. While Resident Evil was a runaway hit spawning several sequels and spin-offs in the decade plus since its inception, it was as unconventional a game as they came back in . . . → Read More: Vanquish Hands-On Preview

Portal 2 Preview

Jeff saw Portal 2 at E3. He expects another triumph.

Portal was as close to a perfect game as I’ve ever played. An inventive mechanic, clever puzzles, a simple story that was neither too ambitious nor pandering, and a modest length that ensured it never outstayed its welcome conspired to make Portal a tour . . . → Read More: Portal 2 Preview

Conan Game Review

Conan Giveaway:

Ok we are going to give a copy of Conan or Jericho (winners choice) on November 15th 2007. To enter you must register with TGR, Be over 18 Years old (we will be verifying this with the winner), and participate in the community by commenting on Conan articles or the Conan Forums. To . . . → Read More: Conan Game Review

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