Wolfenstein Video Game Review

I assume that most of you haven’t been paying attention, so here’s all that you’ll need to know about the Wolfenstein series: You play William “B.J.” Blaskowitz. Yes, that’s his real name. B.J.’s World War II accolades include invading Hitler’s castle, killing his dogs, eating his dogs’ food, stealing countless valuable treasures and artifacts for . . . → Read More: Wolfenstein Video Game Review

Demon’s Souls Video Game Review

Bucking the recent trend towards accessibility and low difficulty, Atlus’ Demon’s Souls abandons pick-up-and-play game play in favor of a more hardcore experience. Casual gamers need not apply. With an expansive world, limitless upgrade and character customization options, and a refreshing take on the Action/RPG genre, Demon’s Souls is an engrossing experience – provided the . . . → Read More: Demon’s Souls Video Game Review

Trine Video Game Review

A straw poll of friends (some game journalists) and various reviews would have me believe that the game is superb, bordering on a masterpiece. My experience with the game suggests otherwise. Welcome to a negative appraisal of Frozenbyte’s puzzle-platformer, Trine.

The recipe for Trine pie is simple: throw a large chunk of nineties platforming into . . . → Read More: Trine Video Game Review

Dead Space: Extraction Video Game Review

Many survival horror fans enjoyed Electronic Arts’ Dead Space, which took the science of terror to the stars and beyond. Despite developing a strong following, many fans haven’t followed the sequel/prequel, Dead Space: Extraction. Despite being on the Wii, Extraction captures the spirit and atmosphere of the original to create something that is not kid . . . → Read More: Dead Space: Extraction Video Game Review

10 Video Game Women Who Don’t Use Sex to Sell

It’s no secret that females in video games are typically blatantly, sexualized byproducts of perverted character design. Between their skimpy attire and grossly exaggerated anatomy, most ladies featured in video games look more like prostitutes than crime-fighting, evil-slaying heroes. While games like Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden and Soulcalibur continue to perpetuate the demeaning myth . . . → Read More: 10 Video Game Women Who Don’t Use Sex to Sell

DiRT 2 Video Game Review

Written by Andrew Groen, Chief Editor of TheRacingGamer.com.

DiRT 2 is one of the most superbly presented racing games ever made. Every aspect is gorgeous; every pixel is lavished with attention and care. It’s new age in its philosophy on presentation, but underneath this is good old-fashioned racing fun. Closer inspection reveals that this game . . . → Read More: DiRT 2 Video Game Review

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