Conquer 3 Kingdoms Review

Conquer 3 Kingdoms game review

Conquer 3 Kingdoms by ShareFunApps is an Android based, retro war themed action game mixed with RPG elements. It is full of dungeons, dragons, adventures and role playing characters. In Conquer 3 Kingdoms, you control the famous heroes in Chinese history, hack and slash numerous enemies, build and upgrade your own powers, and buy items to refill . . . → Read More: Conquer 3 Kingdoms Review

Plants Vs Zombies – Gardening Has Never Been Such Fun!

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Everyone hates zombies, the average Joe, soldiers, and even aliens. Well now in the PC game PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES from POPCAP, the plants have their day! Originally released in 2009 on STEAM, with an iPAD and iOS version being released in February 2011, PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES then had a bit of a makeover . . . → Read More: Plants Vs Zombies – Gardening Has Never Been Such Fun!

Babel Rising – OMG !


Ever wanted to be a GOD? I bet some of you out there have thought about it at times, especially when that numpty carves you up on a roundabout, wouldn't you just love to smite them with a big old thunderbolt?! Well with BABEL RISING by UBISOFT you can finally get that dream . . . → Read More: Babel Rising – OMG !

Bang Bang Racers – The Fun Starts Here!

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When I was a kid the best thing to own was a SCALECTRIX racing game. I would spend hours watching my cars spin off on the corners narrowly missing the cat, picking fluff from the contact brushes. I loved banking the track up the settee and watching the cars struggling to get up . . . → Read More: Bang Bang Racers – The Fun Starts Here!

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