Syndicate-It’s All In Your Head!

Does anyone out there remember the Commodore Amiga game console? If you do then you would have heard of a game called SYNDICATE, an early release by EA GAMES and BULLFROG PRODUCTIONS way back in 1993. Them days it was a fixed isometric, tactical shooter game, involving a team of cyborg agents. It did cause . . . → Read More: Syndicate-It’s All In Your Head!

SIMS pets 3 ” It doesn`t bite!”

ELECTRONIC ARTS returns with yet another game for their long running franchise THE SIMS, this time it`s Pets! yes you can create and interact with your own virtual pet, a sort of upgraded TAMAGOTCHI (remember them). To be frank I am not a big fan of the SIMS, it’s all a bit god like in . . . → Read More: SIMS pets 3 ” It doesn`t bite!”

Battlefield 3

It’s here at last! The latest outing for the BATTLEFIELD series by EA GAMES and DICE, which is so popular with pc and online gamers. This version is mainly geared up for XBOX LIVE, with the campaign thrown in to give you a taste of what is to come when . . . → Read More: Battlefield 3

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