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Watch Dogs For Xbox One Review

I had a lot of expectations for Watch Dogs as I viewed in my head as my first serious Xbox One game. Oh, sure, I'd…

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The Gameplay Of Planetside 2 Remains True To Its Roots

Planetside 2 is a massive multiplayer online shooter game. I know what some of you are thinking. People can be wary of playing something that's…

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Dead Island: GOTY Edition – Life’s A Beach, Then You Die, Then Come Back to Life!

Life is full of simple pleasures, like going on holiday, sitting in the garden on a summer’s evening sipping on a nice beverage, and of…

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Prototype 2- The Flesh Swiss Army Knife Returns

Here we go again folks with yet another “must have” (or so the hype tells us) game of the year, PROTOTYPE 2 by ACTIVISION and…

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