PUDDLE – Go With The Flow

Liquid is a strange old substance, don’t you think? When it gets hot it turns into a gas and when it gets cold it turns solid, how mad is that. Now imagine a game that involves liquid if you will, and you have PUDDLE by KONAMI, available to download on Xbox Live Arcade© and . . . → Read More: PUDDLE – Go With The Flow

Rayman Origins – Game Of The Year ?

RAYMAN ORIGINS by UBISOFT is it the best platform game of the year? (2011) Well in my opinion, it certainly should be! Yes folks, the little limbless, big nosed hero has returned with a brilliant new platformer and I can`t get enough of it!

Has it been 15 years since the first RAYMAN appeared . . . → Read More: Rayman Origins – Game Of The Year ?

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