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Kingdoms Of Amalur – Watch out Skyrim, There’s A Reckoning Coming!

Fantasy role playing games are very popular at the moment with the likes of LORD OF THE RINGS and recently released SKYRIM. It looks like…

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Dragons Dogma - griffin fight
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Capcom Dragon’s Dogma – Demo And Launch Date Announced

A playable demo of Capcom’s forthcoming open world action–RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, will be available to download from Xbox LIVE MarketPlace and PlayStation Store ahead of…

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Neverdead – Is Konami Going Out On A Limb With This One?

Imagine if you will that your character in a game could never die. "What would be the point?" you ask? Well, gaming developers REBELLION SOFTWARE…

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection- Another Classic Reboot, Is It Worth The Fuss?

  It was way back in the last century, 1998 to be precise, that KONAMI introduced us to SOLID SNAKE and his sneaking about and…

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North – There is trouble up North!

By Gandalf’s beard! What have we here, another Lord Of The Rings adventure? Set up North, very interesting you might think, well I am afraid…

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Mass Effect 2 Review

The true beauty of the original Mass Effect can’t be seen during one play through. The game throws an incredible amount of information at you,…

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