Quakecon 2009: Trio of id Software trailers

id Software kicked off Quakecon 2009 in Grapevine, TX with a trio of game trailers presented during a press conference this afternoon.  First up is the premiere of a new trailer for Rage, id’s upcoming Tech 5-powered open-world shooter:

Next, they debuted the launch trailer for Raven Software-developed Wolfenstein, due out August 18th:

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Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Video Game Review

Mothership Zeta: an unconventional title for the most unconventional Fallout 3 expansion. The previous expansions offered stiff competition, giving players live-fire military simulations, the radioactive ruins of post-war Pittsburgh, Washington’s subway system, and religious fanatics and mutated swamp dwellers. In Mothership Zeta, Bethesda takes players above and beyond, right into the void of space.

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Heroes of Newerth Beta Preview

Indie developer S2 Games of Savage fame have rather sneakily announced their third project via the wonders of social networking site Facebook, Heroes of Newerth. It’s a curious approach that is only afforded only by their indie status, but it’s certainly getting the job done as tens of thousands of fans have already . . . → Read More: Heroes of Newerth Beta Preview

Great Game, Shame About the Story

It’s not true that every great game has a great story, as Mark Fujii explains. Here are six video games that were great but for one small, shared detail – an absolute howler of a story.

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5‘s story is simply terrible. Even if you ignore the . . . → Read More: Great Game, Shame About the Story

The Playlist: August 2009

Hello, and welcome to the second edition of The Playlist. Summer has certainly arrived; the season where the games are just as hot as the temperature, or so the publishers would like us to think. Fortunately this month that statement actually rings true. There are some very exciting titles, with plenty for fans of both old . . . → Read More: The Playlist: August 2009

Inside the Games: Chris Kohler Part 3 – Getting in to the Industry

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In our third and final installment of our Inside the Games interview with GameLife Editor Chris Kohler (part 1, part 2), Chris shares his . . . → Read More: Inside the Games: Chris Kohler Part 3 – Getting in to the Industry

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