Puzzle Domino iPhone Game Review

Puzzle Domino from 415 Games combines a Tetris element with dominoes. While it’s not the most innovative and exciting game, it will keep players mildly entertained on the bus ride to work.

The game begins with an empty screen and a pair of dominoes dropping from the top. Blocks must be put in pairs of . . . → Read More: Puzzle Domino iPhone Game Review

3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt iPhone Game Review

It perplexes me how development teams can spend so much time polishing their product, yet miss the mark on fundamental aspects of game play. As the iPhone grows and its owners spend thousands of dollars every week, the piles of dollar-squeezing shovelware obscure the few jems in the mud. 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt is exactly . . . → Read More: 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt iPhone Game Review

Moonz iPhone Game Review

Moonz from ADXSoft is a collection of mini-games involving putting objects in orbit, crashing things out of orbit, and defending bunnies from falling debris. What exactly do bunnies have to do with planetary axis? Does it really matter?

Moonz opens with chill lounge music and a menu screen. The game offers Quick Play, which allows . . . → Read More: Moonz iPhone Game Review

Piggeez iPhone Game Review

Ah, the piggy bank, that modest and eternal childhood institution. They taught us to conserve, the guilty pleasures of destruction and spending, and our major financial institution (until baby’s first checkbook). The piggy bank is a marvelous thing. To acknowledge this icon’s importance, 3D Reflex created Piggeez, the pattern matching piggy bank game.

Piggeez’s . . . → Read More: Piggeez iPhone Game Review

Terminator iPhone Game Review

The Terminator from Big Head Games for the iPhone puts you in the role of a young Kyle Reese as he battles his way through Skynet before traveling back in time. He has guns a plenty, but all the ammo in the world won’t kill the monotony.

The game opens up with a decent cartoon . . . → Read More: Terminator iPhone Game Review

iMEvil iPhone App Review

No matter the warm fuzzies good acts grant, there’s always allure in the representatives of evil. Whether it be the long, flowing cape and eye-catching helmet shine of Darth Vader, or the bladed helmet and polished wrists of The Shredder, baddies rank among the the more memorable figures in our fictional landscape. Video games have . . . → Read More: iMEvil iPhone App Review

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