Space Trader: Moon Madness iPhone Game Review

Economy is a vital component of many games; ranging from from picking up new ammo and weapons to buying items in bulk to pad your own pocket. Even in games where there is no financial market, such as Fallout 3, good and services can be exchanged with those magical bottle caps. Money doesn’t just make . . . → Read More: Space Trader: Moon Madness iPhone Game Review

iNetMania iPhone Game Review

Games that revolve around being a badass man (or woman) of business are not entirely unknown in the industry. One of the most famous, Monopoly, has been in existence since the Great Depression era, where people realized that bankrupting their friends made for a fine social event indeed. As the medium of gaming evolved from . . . → Read More: iNetMania iPhone Game Review

Chess Pro iPhone Game Review

 Rating Preview  Fun Factor

 7.0   Visuals

5.0  Sound

3.0  Controls

7.5  Value



In an endless sea of apps, the App Store is bound to have a few categories with copy and pasted games. Naturally, the first classics to hit . . . → Read More: Chess Pro iPhone Game Review

Fieldrunners iPhone Game Review

The iPhone seems like a pretty nice home for the ever-popular tower defense genre, but it seems like there are only a few developers making a real effort to bring that PC experience into the palm of your hands. Then Subatomic Studios came along and released Fieldrunners, quenching the thirst of TD fanatics everywhere.

If . . . → Read More: Fieldrunners iPhone Game Review

iDracula iPhone Game Review

A common plight among iPhone developers is how to emulate standard gaming controls on the touch-based device. In theory, virtual buttons and analog sticks should get the job done, and yet somehow, many games fail to allow for precise control. iDracula, a free-roam, 360-degree shoot ’em up, revolves entirely around maneuvering using virtual analogs, much . . . → Read More: iDracula iPhone Game Review

Dr. Awesome iPhone Game Review

Remember the game QIX? No? How about JezzBall <>? It’s the classic game of fencing off objects flying around on screen, until you’ve hit an overwhelming majority of the territory, which is usually 75%. The only catch is that while you’re creating the line that claims your space, it can’t be hit by any of . . . → Read More: Dr. Awesome iPhone Game Review

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