Real Soccer 2010 iPhone Review

Gameloft is quickly becoming the face of big-budget gaming on the iPhone, with an impressive array of titles like Modern Combat and the online-enabled UNO. Sure, many of these are blatant ripoffs of popular console games, but if they’re shameless enough to make them, I’m shameless enough to buy them. Real Soccer 2010 is Gameloft’s . . . → Read More: Real Soccer 2010 iPhone Review

Underground iPhone Game Review

Side-scrolling shooters are one of those bread-and-butter game genres that are closely linked with early gaming experiences. The simple formula worked: one ship, a plethora of enemies, and enough explosions to make young hearts beat faster. Like any other classic, this genre never disappeared. It’s always being edited, improved, and changed to keep up with . . . → Read More: Underground iPhone Game Review

Arcade Hockey iPhone Game Review

Air Hockey is one of the grand ol’ standbys of social gaming, ranking up beside pool and foozball as games that bring people together. Recognizing a good thing when they see it, gaming companies have created electronic versions of the game for years. Developer Brain Juice is taking their stab at digitally encapsulating the legend, . . . → Read More: Arcade Hockey iPhone Game Review

KIL.A.TON iPhone Game Review

All gamers like a dash of challenge in their games; it’s what keeps our minds sharp and reflexes honed. Dot Matrix intends to keep gamers on their toes with the big bang iPhone / iPod Touch app, KIL.A.TON. Names don’t get more descriptive than this. The app is a standard artillery game where players must . . . → Read More: KIL.A.TON iPhone Game Review

Inkvaders iPhone Game Review

Do you like to kill digital aliens? Of course of you do. From early starts like [i]Space Invaders[i] and Zack McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders to modern examples like Prey and Half Life 2, battling invasive aliens and their machinations is a gaming pastime. Even though hostile extraterrestrials are getting theirs with games like Destroy . . . → Read More: Inkvaders iPhone Game Review

Cleopatra iPhone Game Review

Cleopatra falls into a weird category – a game that probably appeals to some group of people, but won’t to most. As a virtual slots game, there has to be a group of people excited to gamble away digital coin, but the remainder of us will have no problem letting this one pass by.

The . . . → Read More: Cleopatra iPhone Game Review

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