Jeff Gerstmann, GameSpot and Game Reviews

Wow where to start on this one? As we all know by now Jeff Gerstmann a vet at gaming reviews was fired recently from GameSpot because of the "Tone" in a video review of Kane and Lynch.

The real story is what lies beneath the event. Jeff Gerstmann, being fired over an opinion and an . . . → Read More: Jeff Gerstmann, GameSpot and Game Reviews

Let’s Rock Up This World Rock Band Review

Lets rock up this world!

Rock Band [Xbox 360]

This game is incredibly awesome if you love rock. Before I say anything, this game is probably only going to be the first and it is similar to Dance Dance Revolution [DDR], but not even close to how exhilarating.

Graphics: 7

Well, this game for its . . . → Read More: Let’s Rock Up This World Rock Band Review

Star Wars Battlefront Review

Ehhhh….Is this a game that YOU want?Star Wars: BattlefrontAwesome! There is actually a star wars game where you don’t play as a Jedi? Then this must suck… Shall we find out? Or do you want to be a LOSER and read other reviews o.O xD Also, this game has nothing really to do with any . . . → Read More: Star Wars Battlefront Review

DS- Pokemon Diamond Review

Pokemon Diamond

Its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, but is it better than ever? One way to find out…

Story: 8

As usual, you are trying to become the Pokemon Champion and trying to stop a new Team of criminals from catching Palkia or Dalgia [depending on game]. A team called Team Galaxy. But this time you are . . . → Read More: DS- Pokemon Diamond Review

The 5 Worst Things About Gamestop

Let’s face it; Gamestop has become a necessary evil nowadays. The mom and pop gaming joints have been crushed under the corporate boots of Gamestop and Blockbuster. Gamestop has essentially monopolized the used game trade, and gamers have little other choice but to bow down to the corporate altar. Whenever the suits get involved, . . . → Read More: The 5 Worst Things About Gamestop

Chair Entertainment Group Interview

Recently, Ichabod13 had a chance to interview Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Chair Entertainment Group, and discuss Undertow and future projects.

Your team has experience on making a console title, what differences go into making a game for the XBL Arcade?

Not as many as you would think, because an arcade game still has to . . . → Read More: Chair Entertainment Group Interview

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