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Battleship- A Game, Based On A Movie, Based On A Game?

  There are plenty of games on the market that are based on either a board game, or a movie, this is the first time…

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The Darkness 2™ – Two Guns, Two Demon Arms, What More Could Any Man Want?

THE DARKNESS™ is here again people badabing! baddaboom! Yes our favourite Italian American gangster is back for another outing in the originally titled THE DARKNESS…

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Syndicate-It’s All In Your Head!

Does anyone out there remember the Commodore Amiga game console? If you do then you would have heard of a game called SYNDICATE, an early…

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Halo :Combat Evolved Anniversary

Oh Master Chief you have returned to us devoted fans again, has it really been 10 years? Since you bounced and exploded onto our pc`s…

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Medal of Honor Video Game Review

Medal of Honor brings the action to the future, focusing on missions based around real military operations that occurred in Afghanistan in 2002. From the…

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Halo 3: Combat Re-Reviewed

Microsoft’s prize-winning cash cow certainly provided when it took in $170 million worth of sales on its first day. It smashed its own record of…

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