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Dungeon Defenders Release Date Announced

Trendy Entertainment’s revolutionary cross-platform tower defense game, Dungeon Defenders, is coming to PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 19. The release date for the…

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BioWare vs Blizzard inside a nutshell!

During an interview with EA’s games boss Frank Gibeau, he has explained how BioWare’s new project is going to face WoW head on for a…

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Interview: David Sushil for Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix and Her Nightmare

While at GDC Online in Austin this year, I had an opportunity to talk with indie game creator, David Sushil (“like Sushi with an L”)…

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Runaway: A Road Adventure

Runaway: A Road Adventure review The point and click style of adventure game is a dying genre in this age of the first person shooter,…

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