Sine Mora – Shoot Em Ups Grow Up

Ok folks let’s get old school once again, or a new twist on the concept at least, with the release of SINE MORA published by DIGITAL REALITY (Budapest) and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE (Tokyo). SINE MORA is a visually stunning game, a sort of 2D/3D look to it with incredible vista’s and set pieces which I have . . . → Read More: Sine Mora – Shoot Em Ups Grow Up

Shoot Many Robots- Go On You Know You Want Too !

SHOOT MANY ROBOTS by UBISOFT and DEMIURGE STUDIOS does exactly what it says on the box (if it had one that is). This side scrolling feast of carnage is, for my simple mind, very entertaining. OK so it's not up to the quality of Rayman, but it doesn't aspire to it. I reckon it knows . . . → Read More: Shoot Many Robots- Go On You Know You Want Too !

The Simpsons Arcade Game

Let us go back to 90's, a time when games were simpler. Well with the release of THE SIMPSONS ARCADE GAME on Xbox Live Arcade©, those days are here again my friends. You can either look at this release from KONAMI and wonder why they bothered, or view it as a refreshing retro look . . . → Read More: The Simpsons Arcade Game

PUDDLE – Go With The Flow

Liquid is a strange old substance, don’t you think? When it gets hot it turns into a gas and when it gets cold it turns solid, how mad is that. Now imagine a game that involves liquid if you will, and you have PUDDLE by KONAMI, available to download on Xbox Live Arcade© and . . . → Read More: PUDDLE – Go With The Flow

Bang Bang Racing Coming Soon To PSN, XBLA And PC

High Speed, Family-Friendly Arcade Style Racing Game!

Budapest, Hungary – November 28, 2011—Get ready to put the pedal to the metal as Digital Reality roars its engine with Bang Bang Racing, a new fast-paced family-friendly game coming to PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE®Arcade and PC.

Bang Bang Racing is the complete racing experience – . . . → Read More: Bang Bang Racing Coming Soon To PSN, XBLA And PC

Dungeon Defenders XBLA review

The new Dungeon Defenders game from Trend Entertainment and Reverb Publishing launched last Monday, October 17 attempts to set a new standard for tower defense game play. Our review is based on the XBLA version only. With its brightly colored interface, and World of Warcraft like graphics, it provides a very challenging, entertaining, and possibly . . . → Read More: Dungeon Defenders XBLA review

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