Shoot Many Robots- Go On You Know You Want Too !


SHOOT MANY ROBOTS by UBISOFT and DEMIURGE STUDIOS does exactly what it says on the box (if it had one that is). This side scrolling feast of carnage is, for my simple mind, very entertaining. OK so it's not up to the quality of Rayman, but it doesn't aspire to it. I reckon it knows . . . → Read More: Shoot Many Robots- Go On You Know You Want Too !

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

your shape fitness evolved

Well folks looks like we are on the subject of fitness and exercise again, with this game YOUR SHAPE: FITNESS EVOLVED by UBISOFT for the KINECT. To be honest, it's not really a game but more of a fitness tool with some game like stuff thrown in just to keep us happy as we sweat . . . → Read More: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Rayman Origins – Game Of The Year ?

rayman 4

RAYMAN ORIGINS by UBISOFT is it the best platform game of the year? (2011) Well in my opinion, it certainly should be! Yes folks, the little limbless, big nosed hero has returned with a brilliant new platformer and I can`t get enough of it!

Has it been 15 years since the first RAYMAN appeared . . . → Read More: Rayman Origins – Game Of The Year ?

Assassins Creed: Revelations – Actual Revelation Or Just Repetition?


Get medieval once again, with the return of EZIO and ASSASSINS CREED REVELATIONS, the latest release from UBISOFT. . . . → Read More: Assassins Creed: Revelations – Actual Revelation Or Just Repetition?

Lost Planet: Walkthrough

Written by xTheGunslingerx:

Mission: [1]

Achievements: -Mission 01 cleared (10)

-“Earth” Explorer (10)

In this mission you will be making your way into the Arkid hive to remove all visible threats.

You’ll find yourself standing by the VS – “Nida”, hop in by hitting “B”, and move . . . → Read More: Lost Planet: Walkthrough

EndWar: A Revolutionary RTS

EndWar: A Revolutenary RTS Written by Cooper Published by CroTech

EndWar Preview

Last time the Tom Clancy brand moved beyond tactical shooters, players ended up with one of the most popular series in recent years: Splinter Cell. Now Ubisoft is mixing up the war-game formula again with EndWar, by moving from tactical . . . → Read More: EndWar: A Revolutionary RTS

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