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F1 2012 – Zoom Zoom Redefined!

Personally I have never been a fan of Formula 1. Gone are the days of spectacular crashes, playboy racing drivers and cigarette sponsorship. Today it's…

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Darksiders 2 – Death Is Back And He Is Mad As Hell!

Death is back with attitude upon the release of DARKSIDERS 2 published by THQ and VIGIL GAMES. DARKSIDERS 2 is a follow up to the…

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Plants Vs Zombies – Gardening Has Never Been Such Fun!

Everyone hates zombies, the average Joe, soldiers, and even aliens. Well now in the PC game PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES from POPCAP, the plants have their…

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Shooting The Warthog Chase-A Look Behind The Scenes

Prior to the November 6th launch of Halo 4: “Forward Unto Dawn”, the live-action series that takes fans back to the beginning of the Human/Covenant…

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Magic: The Gathering – Duels Of The PlaneWalkers 2013

MAGIC: THE GATHERING – DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS has been around for a while now, in fact it first made an appearance way back in…

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Halo Waypoint Debuts San Diego Comic Con, Halo 4 Wrap-Up Video

Here is the latest release from 343 Industries, a new “Halo 4” video on Halo Waypoint that recaps all the excitement and news from the…

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